Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New bench and some shutters.

Yeeeeeehaaa...........hello bench!
I passed this up the first time I saw it, and could have kicked myself with spurs on!
It was offered a second time, and you're darn tootin' I scooped it right up!!!

I know it will be a challenge keeping Mr. Fuzzbutt off the bench. He's shedding, and leaving hairballs the size of tumble weeds all over the house!  I'll do my best.

I love the way the bench is chipped, and distressed....perfectly shabby and chic.

Today I worked on these shutters that my daughter, Melissa, gave me over the weekend.
Gave them a good washing, and sanded them.
The pellet stove that we use all winter is behind the shutters for the warmer months.
That corner is so dark.
I hate how the stove looks....ugh.
It's cozy for the winter when it's burning with a nice fire......but it's NOT nice in the summer!!

For now.....I don't have to see it....and I like that.
It's a temporary thing, so I can deal with it.
AND...it doesn't look too awful.
Have a nice evening.


  1. What a darling bench! It looks great with the lovely white blanket draped across it! And I know what you mean about hiding things that only get used in a season of the year. Shutters are a great idea for that!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by the Lakehouse, Deezie. I tried finding your blog, and an email address, but could not. I would like to visit your site if possible.
      Your comment is appreciated.
      Have a great evening.

  3. Debbie,
    I love your bench as I know you will enjoy it for many years. Second chances usually make appreciation greater. I love your shutters and using them as a screen in the warmer months looks texturally pretty. Hope all is well and Spring is arrived, we are having temps that seem more like Summer and my sweet Pansies look heat stroked!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bench, Debbie. It is just perfect!!!!
    I also think that is a great idea to use the shutters to cover up the stove. It really does brighten that area up.
    Have a great week- xo Diana

  5. Hi Debbie, Love the bench and it sit perfectly in front of your mantel. Great idea for the shutters too. Your room is so charming and inviting.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Love your bench...it's so pretty!!

  7. Love, love, love the bench! Yippee for second chances! Blessings, Cindy

  8. What a lovely bench!!! Everything looks so beautiful and shabby chic. Your home is very cozy...i love it very much!

  9. You really do have a special touch there when it comes to shabby Chic. Everything looks wonderful. Very foggy start to the day here. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  10. Your bench is just gorgeous, Debbie! It is oh so French and oh so chic! Your living room is so pretty, I love your idea of shutters to hide the stove, you would never know what lurks behind them:) And I am drooling over your Frenchy chair, tres chic! Love the tall wicker basket next to it. Guess it would have been easier to just say I love every single thing in this room!

  11. Debbie, I love your new bench. I like old shutters too. I only have one little one on the porch. I have been using it as a back drop piece. Wow, Isn't this heat something already. I wanted our spring to be pleasant not summer hot. LOL. Thank you so much for the prayers for my family. I am thinking I truly need a vacation. It's been plenty stressful I am ready to go to the dentist right now...you know how I am loving that thought. YIKES . I did receive good news on my blood work. I saw my sister yesterday...she's resting. Blessings to you dear friend.I hope your mother's day is wonderful and filled with love. Blessings to all, love you, Susie

  12. Love your bench Debbie. I've been looking for one similar. Looks great in your home. And, I agree....never pass up shutters.


  13. Oh yes, that bench looks right at home in front of the faux fireplace and I guess you were meant to have it.
    Happy Mother's Day Debbie!

  14. You are so funny... Almost kicked yourself with spurs on, hairballs the size of tumbleweeds... Geesh
    Oh, yes the bench, it fits you and your home to a tee- (well you know it was yours), God is so good to us!
    Happy Mothers Day Hugs, xoxo

  15. Ok Debbie,mo relate to Spurs being raise with horses, to funny,.
    I now say I bet you won't trade in that bench for a Farmhouse in Texas.....
    Loving the bench, and it's always a hard choice, we throw around where would we use it best, and how many uses does it have? Now with such a trend I say anywhere and everywhere... The foot of a bed, a coffee table with a serving tray a top of it books stacked under it and on it. A hall way,, and a sitting bench on a summer porch, it look s great right where you placed it, as for the shutters as a screan it's wonderful use is perfect, yet I don't mind a stove showing year around. My Friend took my hometown advice for hers and went a bought stove burning metal paint and painted it white, now she loves to show it off year around..... Like all the white ones in Jeanne d Arc living magazines that show up year around in white. As for now that corner is so well thought out and solved a not so big problem of adding joy to your design style.

    Love how all the aged chippy is so comfortable in its space.


  16. I so love your bench,it´s gorgeous.The shutters look great too.The room looks so charming and inviting.Good job.You have a new follower.Have a great week.