Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ordered the wood flooring...and another RA quilt!

We ordered the wood for the flooring in the living room. It should be in by the end of the month.
The trim will be in at the same time.
Instead of the least expensive pine planks, we bumped up to the third best rated planks. Not as soft, so it won't dent and nick as easily. Plus, there is more of a grain that will show through after I white wash the floor.
After ordering the wood, we had lunch at Red Lobster, which was delish!!
On our way out of town, I steered the car into the TarJay parking lot...just to check out any new RA merchandise...and what do you know....

There just happened to be a lovely quilt that I'd never seen before!!!
The pink roses were divine, and the light blue reminded me of a summer sky.
The ruffles match a set of RA sheets that I just happen to have....hmmmm.
Into the cart went the quilt.

Just look how pretty it looks on the iron bed!

It's starting to look like a mini RA boutique in here, since my vintage cupboard is over flowing with Simply Shabby Chic quilts, duvets, pillow covers and shams, and all the sheet sets I've collected!!
Well....if I ever decide to open a Bed and Breakfast, I'll have all the bedding I need!
How fun would that be??!!
A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. Debbie, If you open a bed and breakfast, I am coming up. LOL. I love all your new bedding. It was a good thing you went to look . I told my Lizzy we should have bought a big house like a bed and breakfast and all of us live together...she said, "Good idea mom, I am going to bed could you make breakfast. ?" That girl !! LOL. Hope you are having some sweet weather. we had some 70's it's raining for a couple days. Blessings to you my friend, xoxo,love you, Susie

  2. Debbie

    So very Shabby, love it! Love anything RA! Thanks again for the hollyhock seeds and tune in for Friday Goodwill Finds, we have similar taste!


  3. Yes, that's a great idea! A Bed and Breakfast with each room filled with beautiful things that we shabby lovers can truly appreciate. I love, love your new RA quilt! It's perfect for your gorgeous iron bed.


  4. Just darling... I bet your floor will be gorgeous! I need or shall I say want a new quilt. You have such good taste.
    Missing you and praying for you tonight! Love ya, Roxy

  5. Oh how you will love your wood floors and looking forward to seeing the trim and finished project. Our hardwoods are Red Oak and original from 1934, there is a walnut inlaid border on the first floor so I've kept them natural. I love a lightly White washed wood floor, yours will look perfectly suited to your lovely d├ęcor. Wishing you sweet dreams under your new RA quilt.

  6. How cosy it looks Debbie ...I could just snuggle in ! hope you have a nice day and are enjoying some spring sunshine....Gail x

  7. Oh, Debbie, I am in love! It is all so VERY pretty!!!
    Sending hugs,

  8. I cannot wait to see your flooring Debbie! I know it'll look amazing in your beautiful cottage:) I love that bedding! I think it may be similar to the one I have in our guest room, I know it has stripes on the reverse side. I found it for only $27.99 one day while Kyran was having in Target Optical, he was like Uh oh when he walked out and saw this huge item in my cart LOL.

    Is it a hard process to white wash the floors? You must be so excited to get started on it!!!

    After many idle threats I finally really DID put a blog post up yesterday!!! Hope you'll stop by when you have a chance and have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend my friend:)

  9. It's so pretty. I love her sheets and quilts. It will be wonderful to have new floors. xoxo Su

  10. Your quilt looks so lovely and so does your room. Sometimes when it comes to remodeling it is best to pay alittle more when you can. We have found that out too many times.

  11. Ohhhh....gorgeous!!! The pillows are divine and your quilt looks fabulous. I' m looking forward to seeing the new wood floor

  12. That is the exact same set I just bought! Guess great minds think alike:) Love it, so pretty. Your floor will be gorgeous, Debbie.

  13. Hi Debbie, your new flooring will be gorgeous. Love the new bedding from RA. I may have to go to Target and check it out for my shabby guestroom.
    Have a nice weekend. xo

  14. Linens / Bedding pieces are always a challenge for me to pass by without picking up! Love your new pieces! It will be fun to see your new flooring when it is complete! Blessings, Cindy xo

  15. Hi Debbie...l soo love that quilt you found, it looks really beautiful and how great to find one you haven't seen before. If you open a B&B and l ever get to the U.S l'd love to sleep at your cottage, it'd be absolute bliss:-) Your new flooring will look amazing, especially whitewashed. Can't wait to see how it comes up. Enjoy your weekend:-)

  16. You should be a spokeswoman for RA. Love the new set colors.

  17. Hi Debbie,
    I emailed you in responce to your email not sure it went through let me know and I will forward it again. As for the flooring I love anything other then carpets, and you will love your wood floors. I cannot wait to,see the outcome as to how the floors will just set the mood to all that you have created here. The R/A new bedding is great, you just can't have enough right? I am one for layering my bedding and just stacking it I'm an armore reminding me when a change feels right.

    Beautiful romance you have created.
    Rest well in your cottage filled with romance.