Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sweet Spring.

We are getting ready for Spring here at our cottage.
I found some window sashes to use for the cold frames in the garden this year, and saved this one for the window in the guest room.
I love the shabby, chippy appearance, and the old glass knob.

Hubby cleaned up the frames, re glazed the widows, and will paint the wood.
He kept this one raw after cleaning it up.
He knows how much I love the peeling paint on an old white sash.

I like the windows bright in the summer off with the white panels that adorn the windows in the colder seasons! and here are the sweet strip garlands for those hot, glorious sunny days to come!

Nothing says "Welcome Spring", like soft pastels, and whites!
Old window sashes, ruffles, roses, and rag strip garlands help this old cottage look it's best for the coming weeks of warmth, sunshine, and the wonderful sounds of the songbirds......Sweet Spring.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Debbie,
    I love old windows because they add so much character and a vintage feel to any room. I have been in the mood to make some rag garland and now that I've seen yours I'm inspired to get with it!

    Happy Sunday to you too Debbie.


  2. Hi Debbie, I love to just let the sunshine our old childhood song says. I just have to make some of those rag garlands. I love them. I have too windows that are completely bare of any curtains or blinds....they are at the back of the house, where no one can see. Hope we have the best spring ever, don't you? We need to be outside in the sun and gardens. Sitting on the porch and breathing fresh air. Blessings to you my sweet friend, love you, xoxo,Susie

  3. Debbie the way you welcome Spring is beautiful. As I type this comment it is snowing (just started) and in the 30's but last week it was in the 80's. Crazy weather but Spring is in my heart. Love the chippy sash at the window inviting one to be inspired by the touches in your home.

  4. I really love your old windows, they are perfect for your shabby chic room. I fell in love with every single thing, i' m really enchanted! I like very much your sunny atmosphere.

  5. I love your windows too and the room is so pretty.

  6. How wonderful to be coming into Spring, it's the time of the year when it feels like the whole world has pushed the re-set button:-)Your cottage room is so shabby lovely Debbie....l love all the ruffled pillows, your strip swag at the window and your little bird cage...just waiting for a songbird to fly in for a nibble at some seed:-)Your chippy window is perfect.

  7. Ahh the room looks so inviting for Spring to begin. Love your garland so sweet.
    Have a great new week.

  8. I have been getting ready for spring as well, after years now of drop cloth window treatments I am drawn to more old shutters and sheer white laces, or white linen panels.
    Nice to see spring is part of your beauty, let the sun shine in, it's your sweet cottages best friend.

    As for chippy pealed, and weathered you my friend had my attention with natural chippy window sashes. :)

    See you soon where the sun shines down on you with all that spring is inspiring.


  9. What a beautiful spot that looks like! I can only imagine how lovely it is to be in your cottage, having some morning coffee and listening to the birds cheeping outside:) Your chippy window sash is beautiful! Yay to your hubby for leaving it that way:)

    We're heading into our humid season but we're happy about it because it means all the snowbirds will be leaving soon and we'll actually be able to get around town again:) Have a wonderful day my friend!

  10. Happy Spring ! I so welcome it's coming more and more every year. Nice to see how you decorate there. I love light coming in the windows.

  11. The cottage looks so pretty and ready for the warmer weather. Have a wonderful week. xoxo Su

  12. I love the special touches in your room that are welcoming to spring! The old peeling window is gorgeous... looks perfect in your room, and the rag strip garland is a lovely idea! Happy spring to you dear Debbie!

  13. Happy Spring!! I love old windows...the more weathered the better. I have some on display in my home.

  14. How lovely Debbie ! Happy Spring time !
    Gail x