Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Summer's End.

Summer is coming to a close here at the lake.
I'm never ready to let go of my favorite season of the year.
I enjoy Spring and Fall, yet Summer is the greatest time of the year for me.
As the weather cools, the roses will come back and bloom until the first frost.
I will gather as many as I can to dry and use in wreaths.

Having gorgeous pieces by Christie Rapesy helps keep visions of Summer alive during those long, harsh months of Winter here in the Mid-West.

Working on miniatures will also keep my focus off from the cold, and blowing snow that seems to last way too long during the Winter season.

I think the living room is finally finished in my first 1/12 scale dollhouse.
I will be working on the bakery this Fall, once it's too cold to work outside.

I haven't started decorating the "real" house yet, but it looks like the dollhouse is transitioning over to Fall.
We're planning a picnic on Sunday with the people from the "mission" where I teach Bible Studies, here at our home.  It will close out a great Summer for us here at the lakehouse, with lots of food, fishing, swimming, tubing, hopefully some music, and a campfire. 
I hope that your holiday weekend will be fun, and safe.


  1. I'm right there with you Debbie! Summer is my favorite, and Spring, but Winter is too long, too cold and too much snow in the north country. The only thing I have against Autumn is Winter is too soon after. You are one of the few people that thinks like I do. Love your miniature houses, so many fun little details to look at. Have a great weekend!

  2. I like spring all so, the pastels colors a my type
    The Roses a lovely .Have good week
    laura Q

  3. I don't know what home I LOVE better... Your real one or the doll house 😚 You have such a talent for decorating with love from your heart and soul. Miss you chickie poo 😘

  4. Your little house looks like loads of fun. I have all I can do to decorate my own house for fall, let alone a minuture one. But it would be good for passing away winter days. Like you I love summer and hate to even think about winter. Not my favorite time of year for sure.

  5. Oh Debbie I love that way your minatures are so you and fitting into the house so nicely. Each room is so cool. I love that you are finding all these sweet little replica's for the house. I am with you and very much a summer girl. I feel like I missed a lot of summer with the move so I am hanging on to every nice day we have until the cool days come in for Fall. Have a safe and fun time with your Church group for Labor Day Weekend.
    Big Hugs,

  6. Enjoy your picnic, sounds wonderful! I am feeling a bit sad over the fact it will be Labor Day and I think it all went way too fast! Everything in your little home is just so adorable. I may look into doing a smaller miniature house myself! I love the Rose picture it is just beautiful! Sending a hug, Roxy xoxo

  7. Your home is beautiful and so is the mini. Love it. Love the Fall decor and pumpkins galore..precious. While thifting past couple of weeks..found a dollhouse which I will start to redo soon. It needs a "remodel", as well as total furnishings. I found at Hobby Lobby a few choices..and found one new dresser(in package..must be painted.. thats good) for .49 cents thrifting, but guessing online is a good place to shop, too. I love dollhouses..never had one as a child and never recall my friends having one..we were certainly deprived. :0( .. I am like you, looking for things to keep me busy during the Winter months. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home and Blog.. Enjoy the message enclosed as part of your blog, also.