Tuesday, October 22, 2019

NOW I'm ready for Fall....

My snowshoes arrived today.
These will help me get through those long months of Winter.
Having something new to look forward to, helps the dreaded season ahead seem a little more bearable.

In the meantime, I am having fun adding some charm to the miniatures here at the lakehouse. Using some pumpkin pods, and ideas I gleaned from the last post at Whitewood & Linen.
Isn't the hydrangea petal garland the sweetest little thing ever?!

She showed how to make tiny wreaths, for Fall, using hydrangea petals.
These were the smallest ones I could find.

This baker is trying to decide on apple, or pumpkin pie....I think both were made.

These wreaths are so sweet, I don't think I will be putting them away after the Fall season.

I couldn't stop making them!!! lol
It took some time for me to get into the Fall mood....but now that things are put in their places....it's all good.  Some of us just take a little longer than others.  
HA....NOW I'm ready for Fall.


  1. I love your dollhouse Fall Decor..and the wreaths are great..wow..so pretty. Can't wait to hear of your snowshoe adventures.. :0) You are braver than me. lol Happy Fall.

  2. I love the hydrangea wreaths they are so cute. Snow shoes will be fun especially when that white stuff arrives! Love your sweet little doll house and how you decorate it. Just adorable.
    Happy new week.

  3. Good morning Debbie
    What fun getting snow shoes* Your little cottage doll house is just the sweetest* I adore the hydrangea wreath and garland you made. The house looks so real inside, isn't it amazing to look in and see that> I love it so much. The finish on the walls looks so french to me. You must be so happy with the way it came out. It will keep you busy the winter months for sure
    enjoy your day Debbie

  4. Oh my, on the snow shoes. I need some shoes with cleats on to keep me from slipping and sliding and walking like a penguin. I love the hydrangea petal wreaths. What a cleaver idea. Having a minuture house to decorate looks like loads of fun. I am as ready as I'll ever be for fall here, but won't ever be ready for winter.

  5. It's always such a joy coming by for a visit!
    If I lived near you I'm afraid you would find me at your front door on a regular basis.

    That little house has got to be the sweetest I've ever seen!
    My mother owned a store in Vail CO and she sold doll houses and miniatures, so I've seen quite the array of miniatures.
    You have done a fabulous job with yours Debbie.

    Yea for those snow shoes!
    I will think of you when I'm out on mine. ❄

    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us ♡

  6. Oh my! how very adorable!!Love everybit...and those wreaths, too cute!

  7. Hi Deb: The hydrangea garland and wreath are beyond sweet and pretty. Love all the miniatures and what fall is looking like at your lakehouse..Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. Hi Debbie ~
    I'm popping in to say I have been out twice already on my snowshoes! Its unbelievable, 28 inches of snow fell on our home the month of October.

    Take care ♡