Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The season of changes.

The nights are chilly.
We had frost this morning.
The boat came out of the water today.
It's dark by 8:00 p.m.
and I am baking constantly....

Hunters are getting excited about buck season.
Clothing and décor has changed over to heavier fabrics, and darker colors.
The markets are packed with pumpkins and cornstalks, apple cider and donuts.

You see canning and freezing supplies in all of the grocery stores.
Scented candles are everywhere!

People's yards are void of lawn furniture.
The canals, and docks are being emptied of boats, jet skiis, and pontoons.

Gardens are being cleaned up, and bushes are getting cut back.
Urns, and birdbaths are emptied, as well as flower pots and containers.

People are preparing their motor homes for the long trip south for the Winter.
Homes are being winterized. 

The season of so many changes.
Fall, here, is a time of preparation.
Hunkering down for "what's to come".
Living in the upper portion of the lower peninsula of Michigan means shorter Summers, and longer Winters. We get lots of cold, wind, and snow....for what seems sooooo long. You learn to adjust...or go south.  
I am going to try something new this year. Snowshoeing.  Hopefully, that will help give me something fun to tackle during the long Winter months.  Plus, working on some miniatures should keep me busy.
In the meantime, I will take my time, and enjoy Fall.....trying some new recipes, and looking forward to the upcoming holidays with my family.
Have a great week!


  1. We are entering my favorite season, FALL! I love the beautiful colors and weeding out not just the gardens in preparation for winter but also in my life. The fallen leaves remind me of me, changing, curling up, the surfaces crinkled, the lines more noticeable, and like my hair, constantly turning different colors. When you walk through the fallen leaves, you leave behind a cleared path so you can see from where you've come. The coziness sets in and the blaze of fires lick the crisp air as you sit and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the flames. It's like time slows down and you become more observant of the beauty that surrounds you. And it's a great time to gather with your best friend.... See you soon


  2. Beautiful decorations at home and nice photos

  3. One of the best changes is the food. It's a whole different way of cooking when fall comes. The oven can finally be used and the smells smoking from the kitchen are wonderful. It's especially a time for family gatherings too. Halloween,and Thanksgiving will be celebrated with mine. We have pretty long winters here too but I don't go south. Just turn up the heat.

  4. Such a lovely posting as you share with us the happenings around your part of the world.
    Your home is exquisite!

    Here in Colorado, we are busy getting ready and doing all the things that need looked after before winter arrive. We are to get 3 to 6 inches of snow tomorrow.
    We tucked our motor home away this week as well as put away all the outside furniture. I'd like to be one of those who go south in our motor home, not yet, in a couple more years. 😊

    I too have been enjoying baking, walking out in the lovely fallen leaves and relaxed with my daily Bible reading beside the fire on those cool early mornings.
    Fall has graced herself with such beauty here this year!

    Good for you starting up snowshoeing, you will so enjoy being out on those gorgeous winter days. I love snowshoeing and we have some awesome places to go, though it's perfect right near our home.

    So nice stopping in for a visit with you Debbie, you have put a smile on my face. ❤

  5. I just don't know how you all make it through your very hard cold snowy winters up there. Missouri is bad enough.
    We are to get our first 30's tomorrow evening so I'll bring in flower pots tomorrow morning.

  6. Your home looks so cozy and beautiful...looks like your loveseat is ready for reading, coffee and tea, and keeping warm. I know its what you are used to but 54Deg here in NC this am, and I turned on the heat..lol ..to knock the chill off.. Hubby will prob not be happy when he awakens as he does not get as cold as old me... Hope you have a mild and not so harsh Winter your way...enjoy the Fall Season as again, looks like you are ready. :0)

  7. I love, love, love your posts but you know that! They are beautiful and poignant with descriptions of the season.
    I have to ask where you found those cute little bulbs in your vignette. I love them!
    Have a wonderful week, Debbie! xo Diana