Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Change is Good!

When people know our past, they have a difficult time understanding our present.
If our mindset has changed, and our beliefs are no longer the same as they used to be, the people that knew us before our lives changed, sometimes, refuse to believe we can be any different from the way we were before.

We don't desire the same things.
Our choices are not what they used to be.
We've over-come previous bad habits.
Even our language has changed.
It's been a process.

Our focus has changed.

We still have some of the same hobbies, and likes and dislikes.
We enjoy our family time.
Priorities have been put in perspective.
We realize that the here and now is temporary.

Our physical life is this long--.
Eternity is endless---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I think you get the idea. 

What are we investing in?
When our time comes, or Jesus returns first...are you prepared?
Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?
Does He know you by name?
Do you talk to Him, AND listen? or do you recite the prayers taught in Sunday school..... day after day?  Repeating the same words over and over again?
Do you speak to God from your heart? talking to Him as your Father? He is Abba...Daddy.
Let Him wrap His arms around you, and love you as no one else can! Allowing the Holy Spirit to fill you up with that peace that transcends all understanding.
Basking in the Glory of God.
Accepting the Grace and Mercy of Jesus, undeserved Favor....and receive that fervent expectation, the Hope of salvation that He alone can supply.

Those are the reasons for the changes in His people.
Kindness, understanding, and wisdom is something we gain during the process of change.
Believe it or not, those are NOT bad things!!!
Be glad for the people in your life that have changed for God!!!
It is His desire that none should perish.


  1. You have the gift of putting what is in my heart....into lovely, meaningful words. Oh how true. There is now NO condemnation for those who are IN CHRIST JESUS. Yes, he is my father and my daddy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home, and your beautiful heart. Love and Hugs.

  2. Amen!!. Very beautiful inspiration and wisdom. :0) .. Your home looks beautiful, also. Thanks very much. Love your posts.

  3. When change is good that is great, but when it is not than that is sad. I have seen so many change for the better and some that changed for the bad. I believe in what you say. Sadly there are some that go to church and do not listen to the word.

  4. Well said! Thank you for speaking truths; they inspire me to draw closer to Him!

    1. Hello Mary. Thank you for stopping in for a visit here at the lakehouse. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to use me as His vessel, and minister to someone through this blog post. If just one person draws closer to HIM because of it, then Praise God!!! xo

  5. Beautifully stated Debbie. Love seeing all your pretty cottage pictures of your home. Gorgeous and insightful post.
    Have a beautiful week.

  6. Change for the better is always good. I do believe we all works in progress.

  7. Beautifully written....yes, I love the Lord with all my heart and am so grateful for my salvation and walk with Him. I think we will continue to grow in grace until the day he calls us home.
    Speaking of home.....I do so love each and every photo of yours.

  8. Beautifully written from a beautiful home.

  9. Well said. I appreciate your words, and I pray for some of my family to be moved by God, they do not know Him.

    I enjoyed all your photos.


  10. Change is good, when the Lord is the one doing the work in our hearts! And it will affect our everything... I am so grateful when we are able to see the effects of the growing and pruning of our lives!
    You inspire me and I have seen this post as a testimony of what God has done! May we be so blessed to bear much fruit for Him, because we allowed Him to mold us! Does the potter not have the right to mold us as He sees fit? Love, Roxy xoxo

  11. New follower here on both of your blogs! I found you on a comment that you left at Rooted in Thyme so I wanted to come over and meet you. I'm thankful to find another Jesus follower! Thank you for sharing about Him and His love for us. Have a wonderful week~

  12. I linked over from Kris's blog, Junk Chic Cottage. I think I was meant to read your post because I have been struggling lately with how I'm spending my time. I want to be creative, I want to blog, but to what end?

    Thank-you for your thoughtful, lovely post. You are an inspiration!

    Ricki Jill Treleaven

  13. This is such a beautiful post Debbie. How wonderful when our lives are changed, transformed by the working of the Spirit of the Lord in our lives. And certainly people from our past may not understand, but they can't help but glorify God in the things they see being fruitful in your life. You are making a difference for the kingdom of heaven! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, and your darling home full of cozy little vignettes and delights. How I would love to sit down and visit with you! Much love to you sweet friend!