Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Taking things as they come.

I am so ready to be outside.
The weather, however, is not cooperating this week.
It's been extremely windy, and the nights still get below freezing.

Even on the colder days, with no sunshine, I hang clothes out on the line.
Bringing them in off the line is so refreshing!
The whites are brighter, and smell heavenly!

The Honeysuckle vine is leafing out, and I am getting some hanging baskets for the porch.  I have to bring the annuals in at night to keep them safe from the freezing temps.

The inside has faux flowers to give me the feeling of Spring when it's raining, windy, or just too cold to be outside.

The annuals are sooo ready to go outside, but would be destroyed if I put them in the ground.
I'm just waiting for Mother Nature to give me the go-ahead.
Being at home has been okay.  I don't go many places anyway.  I DO miss my girls and their families, terribly.  Hopefully, it won't be much longer before I can see them in person, instead of online. I am thankful for the technology, however. At least keeping in touch on the phone, and computer has been a blessing.
Things are starting to get better with the virus orders still in place....more businesses are opening, and we are able to buy the things that were not available before. 
I have been enjoying this time of being homebound in some ways....My baking skills are expanding, much like my waist, and size of clothing!!!  People are sharing new recipes for dinners, and desserts on social media. We've been trying some pretty yummy food!!
When warm weather finally gets here to stay...I can only hope that someone does not mistake me for a beached whale, and harpoon me as I lounge on the dock!!  


  1. I seem to be enjoying food too much too. Hopefully once we are allowed out again we will lose it as quickly. I am ever hopeful...

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  2. Oh, You cracked me up! I think we all have gotten a bit more round or shall I say fluffy... I worked in the greenhouse planting the last two days. I am exhausted tonight! I must say I love being home and maybe it has taught me to appreciate other things I just took for granted. You always have something lovely to show us, the items on the clothes line was so spring time...
    Love Ya, Roxy

  3. I'm always excited when I see a post from you! Our weather is so different! It's been warm in Texs for some time now but we had a cold front last night that dropped the temps into the 50's. It was in the 70's today with a brief rain/hail event just as we were about to go out and work our bees. We needed to open a hive and add two more frames. We decided to wait it out and less than 15 minutes later - it had all blown over.
    I'm asking Louis Dean for a clothesline this summer here at the camper/cabin. Just as soon as he hooks up a washing machine for me!

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I have some of my flowers and will probably have to move them inside on Friday. Otherwise tomorrow and Thursday look nice sunshine and upper 60's. Just hoping after the threat of dropping in the 30's on Friday pass we will be able to get the flowers going here in Illinois. We have enough to deal with right now so Mother Nature needs to give us a break and bring on the nice weather and keep it here. Have a good week. Hugs. Kris

  5. Its' way to cold for planting here. This will be a different Mothers Day her win more than one way. We are told to expect snow on Friday. Snow in May is something none of us wants to see. I give you a lot of credit for hanging clothes outside right now although I'm sure they all smell wonderful. I am lazy and always use the dryer these days. It seems that we don't get many in between days at all. It goes from from cold too hot. I have a feeling that will once again be the case this year. I will not complain at all !

  6. What a sweet and lovely blog you keep. Many blessings.