Friday, April 24, 2020

Being at "home".

I hope you are well, and finding the blessings in each day.
I am grateful that our family is healthy, and following the conditions set forth (whether we agree with certain rules, or not) by the people in authority during this pandemic.

I was just over at Diana's @Nana Diana Takes a Break, and her post was wonderful!
She asks what happened to all of the "trendy projects" we used to work on for our homes.
I realized that, in my haste to have my décor "fit in" during those earlier days of blogging, I would try to make, or find something that would keep my home "up to date" with the other blogger's homes and décor.
My home has basically been considered "shabby".

Lots of whites, and Racheal Ashwell linens.
Architectural pieces, antiques, and reproductions.
Vintage, vintage, and vintage everywhere!!
Chippy and worn pieces throughout the cottage.

It's basically the same.
I've added pieces over the years, and then purged things.
Always having shabby clutter everywhere!!!

The thing I learned over the years is to stay true to yourself.
If you love something, and can afford it, get it!!  From the smallest piece of ribbon or lace, to an old table that makes your heart smile.
Surround yourself with the things that bring joy.
If you want photos of your family on a whole wall of your living room...hang them! Who cares if it's "in".  If it's "you", than do it!!
During this time of being at home for weeks, I realized what was needed to make me feel comfortable, and grateful.
What I see as a treasure, someone else might see as "not necessary".  That's okay. It's all in how you view what's around you.
It doesn't really matter to me if someone likes, or dislikes my home. What matters to me is how my family feels when they walk in the door. Do they see ME? Do they know what I stand for? Do they feel welcome and loved?  Do they understand that I know this is all just my temporary dwelling, and my REAL home is with our Father? 
My focus used to be the here, and now......Things have changed.
Even my blog posts have changed.
My focus isn't what is "on trend"  in dé's what is important concerning eternity. 


  1. You truly have the right perspective on things. Most of our ministry was living in "Parsonages" Most were old and had much to be desired. But I was the queen of hiding what was undesirable with linens, and making my visitors eye something and not seeing the what was covered or underneath. One of the best compliments I ever got, was I think of your home as a cute boutique...You have so many cute things to look at.
    Your home is what is in my dream land....but I enjoy it through you, as I will never be able to have that style. You are a blessing and inspiration.

  2. Our home should reflect our heart, not our pocketbook, Everything cost something, but it truly is in the little things that take us in...
    I collect and shift and move and paint and add a little this and a splash of color and vintage decor! But may prayer and encouragement always fill my rooms!
    Hugs, Love, Roxy xoxo

  3. This is great Debbie. I always say too that if you surround yourself with the decor or things you love then you will always be happy. It is funny how sometimes it is just a little decor piece that makes you smile. I like change in my little house but I still stay true to my cottage/white/neutrals and add a little color here and there. If it is chippy and has history I will love it in my decor. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love this post. Everyone should read it. Your blog is awesome and so glad I stumbled on it.

  5. Such a uplifting and encouraging post.

  6. Very encouraging to stay true to ourselves. I've never been one to follow 'trends', and my little place shows it. Dear husband and I have always been eclectic in our tastes. It's a blend of 'us', and still is even though he is no longer here with me. I feel him all around, inside and outside here at Plum Cottage. In the 7 1/4 years since God called him home, I've changed some things. It is still 'home sweet home' and I am thankful and blessed for this little place.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. Our homes should reflect our lives and we are all so different, one trend can't be good for all. I'm all about comfort and making those that visit me comfortable. It' doesn't tale a lot to make me happy . We are all beautifully and wonderfully made. Unique and different. No two alike.

  8. Such a beautiful post Debbie! I completely agree with you, I had read Diana's post as well, and I remember when burlap came out, I wasn't completely taken with it, and never did much with it. It was a trend that soon passed on. I do love chalk paint, and the chippy look, as one can see in my garden area! I am a firm believer and taught my children this as well... that if we all act, do and like the same things, this world would be a mighty boring place. So thankful for variety, and the spice of life. I agree with you, be true to yourself, and what you love, and don't be afraid to change things up once in a while too. I love your chippy decor, and the bits and bobs of lace... joy and smiles to you sweet friend!

  9. Beautiful blog and so true. Not so much now as in the past, I would find myself comparing my decor to others who have so much less clutter, and would wonder what they think about all my "stuff". I think you are so right..its what makes us happy, and as I have aged and lost so many Family members..both my brother and his wife last year within 3 months of each other..and they had so much material blessings...But as you have stated here in so many can't take it with you, and you realize our final resting place is not in this World..and "praise God", "there's a better home awaiting"... Thanks for sharing your decor and beautiful posts that remind me to enjoy the ride more..even if it gets bumpy sometimes..and we should always be looking above for our strength. :0) Have a blessed week. :0)