Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A week in Michigan!

We are back from our trip to Michigan.
Kayla's graduation party was very nice, and we had a wonderful time visiting with all of the kids and grandkids!
While in Michigan I found some plants that I couldn't find here in Alabama.
This cute little succulent was just an added treasure for my deck.
The pot was found at a thrift store while shopping with my daughter and granddaughter up north.

Our dear neighbor watered the plants while we were away.  By the time we returned home, everything grew so much!

I cannot imagine being away for two weeks!
The bonsai tree looks like a shrub!

The sweet English Daisies came from Michigan. They look perfect next to the Bun that Melissa found for me in Tennessee where she lives.
I have wanted a Bunny for my gardens for a long time!
I was very, very happy when Melissa found this one for me!
The mushroom also came from Michigan.

We are still planting things that came down with us.
These two Peonies were put in yesterday.
The Hollyhock was another find.

A delicate David Austine rose I brought with me when we moved from the lakehouse.

This little darlin' was in the mail when we returned home.
It's a wool felted hummingbird nest made by one of my blogging friends from the beginning of my blogging days.
Faye is a gifted, talented wool rug hooker...lol.
She loves antiques, and gardening just like I do.
We have stayed connected through the years on FB, and emails.
Faye made this for me after I saw the one, she put together recently, and I just loved it!!
Isn't it just the sweetest little thing ever?
She even made the eggs!!
Blogging friends are the BEST!

I am happy to be back in Sweet Home Alabama!
Spending a week in Michigan with our kids and grandkids was wonderful! They warm my heart.
Jim played golf with Ethan and Anson and Kevin. He also spent a day with Todd and his family in Dorr.
I spent time at Kelly's house with the grandkids and we just hung out and laughed.
I had lunch with the funniest person I know...Zelly! She makes me laugh, and cry, and wet myself all at the same time!! Thank you for lunch, my friend, and for a great afternoon!
Melissa, Charlotte and I shopped until our vehicles would hold no more! We rented a house together with the Vallads and had a great week with all of them!
We got to see our daughter Erin and her family at the party. It was awesome to be able to be with them for the afternoon! The girls are beautiful!
Kayla is lovely, and her party was perfect! She has accomplished so much with gymnastics...but most of all...her sweet spirit is what makes her the person she is today. 
I thank God for all the safe travel, and for my family. 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful, wonderful time, Debbie. I am so glad you were able to bring plants home and found some treasures to bring along, too. I know you were happy to go but also know you were glad to get home to sweet home Alabama. Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. Hi Debbie! So nice of you to let me know that you found my blog again! Your trip sounded wonderful! I enjoy seeing the plants around your place. I think it's hard to leave everything behind when you go even for a short time. Sweet little hummer nest! J.

  3. Love that you blog today. Was happy to see your post. I am so glad your trip back up north to Michigan was nice. The weather has been so great. Love all your sweet treasures you found on your trip. Have a great new week. Hugs. Kris