Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Bullfrogs in the garden?

This morning as I sat on the steps of the deck and was feeling so grateful to God for the blessings in my life.... a frog croaked!!  A bullfrog croak!
We have a drainage pipe that runs under the front of the garden, and the frog lives in there.
My grandparents lived on a lake, and the bullfrogs would all sing VERY loud late into the night.
I found it soothing, and one of my favorite memories of the time spent up at the lake.
What a wonderful thing to spend time with God in my favorite place, my garden, and to hear a bullfrog croaking!
The simplest things can bring the most joy!

I follow Fifi O'neal (author of many decor books and magazines), and her home and gardens are just lovely. Fifi grows Angel Trumpets in her gardens, and they are amazing!
I finally found 3 plants when we were in Michigan recently.
This one is blooming already.
Hopefully it will grow and be as large and beautiful as the ones in Fifi's gardens.

My daughter, Melissa and I have been finding different kinds of plants for our gardens.
We will try to buy plants for each other when we find something that might work in our garden.
Melissa found these for us a week ago.

We had to put up two trellises for a couple of the roses that are climbing nicely. 

My collection of Coneflowers is growing again.
We planted a few different colors yesterday.
The bees and butterflies love them!

The roses are doing well.
I have found a few Japanese beetles this year, however.

What a delight to find the Hydrangea blooming!
I thought the frost killed it last Fall.

David Austin Bonica rose.

Love these tiny Bleeding Hearts.

Hollyhocks are one of my MOST favorite cottage garden flowers!
I was thrilled to have these to plant a couple of weeks ago.

A friend from church gave me some of her plants, and she wasn't sure what everything was because it was early in the season.
So, I am getting all of these pretty flowers coming up that are adding lovely color and texture.

It's amazing how fast everything has grown and filled in as we have only been here for a year.
It must be a combination of climate and soil.
The gardens in Michigan seemed to take longer to establish.
We had to amend the soil in both locations.
trial and error is the way it goes wherever we live.
Enjoy your time outside, whatever you do out there!


  1. You do have quite a variety of colors and flowers there. I think it must be your TLC that helps them grow so well. Gardens need loving care. I love summertime and all the plants growing and blooming! Even beans in the garden bloom! Hope to get some fresh green beans soon! It's wonderful that your daughter shares your love for flowers. She must have a beautiful one too. Hope you are enjoying summer !

  2. Such a beautiful garden. I initially thought those trumpets earlier were a bloom on a squash plant. So beautiful. I have a Eucaplyptis tree..and the winter extreme temps..then monsoon rain..not sure which came first as we were not home..but thought my Euca was a goner..we had decided to make a bottle tree out of the remains...and now..tada...its blooming atthe bottom finally. The grace of nature and God. Wonderful. Have a great weekend..a beautiful garden you have quickly established..wow...

  3. Greetings Sweet Friend, I am so amazed at your beautiful yard and garden space! It's the simple things like hearing the Bullfrog that speaks to us, such wonderful memories! It's been so hot here I have let my flower garden get way too overgrown and weeds also. I will do my best to get in there and clean her up! I do hope you are doing wonderful and enjoying all your hard work! Hugs, Roxy