Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy where I am.

Good morning to you all.
It's sunny, a little windy, and fresh here at the lakehouse.
I've been visiting other blogs this morning, and wondering what prompted me to start my own blog.

I remember the very first blog I ever visited. It was Sarah's at A Beach Cottage. I would get home from work and immediately turn on the computer to see what Sarah would be posting that day. She has a real fun personality, and such a way of saying it like it is.
I LOVE her beach style! Sarah has an everyday house that she's made into a "home".

That's what I ordinary house. I could tear out walls, and put on additions. Redo the ceilings, and gut the bathrooms...well, not really, we don't have the finances to do any of that.  So, I work with what I have.
 I'm blessed to have a hubby that can do the basic improvements that I ask for. He installs hardwood floors, vintage wood trim, and new plumbing fixtures. Hubby can also do some basic electrical work if I so desire.

 I was soooo happy to take some of Sarah's ideas and incorporate them into my own home. She gave me the motivation to do things the way I wanted them done. I didn't feel as tho I was in competition with anyone.

 Then I started visiting other blogs...that's when I started feeling embarrassed of my simple surroundings.
There are blogs out there that end up in decor magazines. I felt just a wee bit intimidated for quite a while.

 I stopped following some of the "BIG" blogs, and settled down into a happy place. The bloggers I visit now are the ones that tend to be just like me....happy to be in the place they are in(not saying the "big" blogs aren't happy). Sharing ideas, and pictures of the little things that bring joy to our hearts. I've stopped coveting other people's homes, and am content to enjoy the blessings I have right here under my feet. 
Don't get me wrong...there are gorgeous blogs out there that I visit, just to see what they have done of late.
But if I start to feel intimidated by them, then it's time to back off and appreciate the home I have here at the lake.

I hope I haven't been misunderstood by anyone.  I'm not judging ANYONE...just realizing that we all can't have the "dream" home we see in magazines and on some of the decorator blogs out there.  They serve their motivate us to improve the things we can.
I have a simple house, with simple "things" that make me happy. Nothing matches, and there is no main theme throughout the house...except for white, vintage, and lakehousey.
I have been blessed beyond measure by all of you! I love visiting you, love getting encouraging comments, and LOVE, love, love the friendships birthed in this place we call blogland.
Enjoy where you are....simple, elegant, or in between.



  1. Debbie, this is such a wonderful post! LOVE it! It is true, we 'visit' other blogs out there and see what they have posted new and then look around our own surroundings and can sometimes become a little depressed.

    Like you, my surroundings are simple. It is a work in progress. ~M

  2. I don't know how you could ever be intimidated by anyone's home...yours is just beautiful! I envy YOU!! Always have! And I so agree with you on loving what we have. My home is small but very well loved. Hubby is not so handy, so when something breaks, it may take awhile to get fixed. But that never stops the door from being open to anyone!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend at your dream home on the lake! :-)


  3. Oh Debbie- I did the same thing- I dropped out of following a lot of the big blogs because I didn't feel a connection. I do have a nice house-at least for now-but soon we will be selling to downsize and move closer to retirement. I also quit following some blogs that were ONLY about decorating-because then how do you ever get to know the person? That's what I like- the simple sort of everyday gal that makes me smile when I visit her blog or makes me grin when she visits my own little space in Blogland.

    I am happy too! Now back to work for me! xo Diana

  4. Debbie,
    Love your post today. It is exactly how I feel sometimes, but I do love my home even though it is as not as big and grand as other homes are. I've turned it into the home of my dreams by adding things that I love and make me smile too.
    And I have to tell you that I love your "dream" home on the lake!! It is beautiful!!

  5. Boy, Debbie, did you ever do one of the best posts I have ever read. You know, when you really look at all those big blogs and the perfect house, it can't be real. They allow you to see only what they want you to see. They show everything perfect.
    Life isn't that way. Not here, not there.
    I don't have the money to do a lot of what I see in the blogs, but I do what I can. I have to imagine something grander, work with what God sends my way.
    I am simple, I life simply, with a little flair. I see granduer in small things.
    I don't need to spend thousands to feel rich. My riches are my family and friends. A house filled with love makes it a home, and baby, I have that in spades! And so do you!
    Love you, girl!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. I'm also happy in my simple home. I love to look at the big and beautiful, but also the small, cozy, cottages. I've never wanted a large home...but I do wish I had more energy to work in the yard...the pretty gardens are what I'm envious of.

  7. Living in a tiny rental apartment I totally agree with you. I blog because I enjoy it and love the inspiration I find! The first blog I found was Cindy's My Romantic Home, she's always been my biggest inspiration because she too lives in a small rental on a tight budget.

    Being happy with what we have and feeling blessed for all the good things is what's most important:) You are such a beautiful soul Debbie and I always love visiting your blog:)

  8. Your blog is sweet and the pics of your home are gorgeous. I love blogging to get inspired but sometimes it can be intimidating. Seeing what people do to their homes but as someone said, it's only a glimpse of their reality. I prefer the small, simple and REAL bloggers.
    Hope you visit my blog to see my simple home :)

  9. I really liked your post today and it really hit home for me. I too have many blogs that I used to love, but it was like looking at a magazine shoot every day. I have dropped almost all the big blogs and have tried to stick with the ones that actually have something to say. Great post!

  10. Oh, Deb how true! I also prefer the homes that are like mine and yours, simple and well loved, the "big ones" are sometimes nice and I do enjoy their tutorials but always just want to read about blogs that are real and not put on just to be out there!

  11. It's like you are reading my mind Deb! It is so easy to get caught up in the beauty of others' homes and have it make you feel bad about your own but I recently realized too that my nest is just perfect for me and my family!

    I think it would be nice to see a regular home like yours or mine in a it would be welcomed by many, many readers!!

  12. Oh Deb, I am so glad I saw this post, (it seems I'm not the only one thinking this)! I have such a small (tiny)60's rambler, with such a hum drum, basic rambler layout. But...I feel so blessed to have it. This last year, I just went for it, bringing in more white, using what I have, and finally allowing myself to love my humble little cottage! Thanks Debbie for sharing and honestly, I've always thought your home looks so cottagy and sweet, and has the perfect setting!!! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  13. What a fabulous post Debbie! I can relate! I sometimes get a bit down when I look at all the big beautiful homes because I no longer have a home like that. Like Victoria above, Cindy's My Romantic Home was the first blog I came across. Cindy gave me a lot of inspiration and, in time, it helped me accept my small house and turn it into a home. It has been a long process, but I am slowly getting there and turning a house I hated into a home I like thanks to all the inspiration in blogland. I do appreciate the tutorials and ideas the bigger blogs offer and have utilized a few of them. I just cannot churn out projects like some bloggers and realized that just because I can't it does not make me inadequate. My house is filled with things I love and decorated in a manner to my liking.

    You have a great lake house filled with many wonderful things. Between your style and your sweet personality, that is what brings me back to your blog time and time again.


  14. Such a thought-provoking post today, Debbie. :) I know exactly what you're saying. And you know what I've found about myself and blogging? There will always be new crafts to try and new styles to incorporate - but it's the incredibly loving and caring friendships that have been made that mean the most to me. There are some fantastic gals out there from all over the world whom I have grown to love so much! All through the wonders of blogging......who would'ave thought? ♥

    xoxo laurie