Sunday, June 5, 2011

Switching gears.

Hello again.
As some of you can see, I deleted my previous post from this morning.
I appreciate the comments I received from everyone, but one stuck in my mind in particular.
If my little shop doesn't fit the "theme", then the owner of the building does have the right to say whatever she chooses.
I guess when the ads say "primitive, antiques, and cottage," I just assumed my things would be okay.
So...I started thinking about it, and decided to stay until the end of summer, then let it go.
I guess I just needed to see the other side of the coin.
So....thank you for your input, I appreciate honesty.
 Now...on to other things.
I've had this tobacco rack for years. It's been used, stored, used, and stored again.
Today, it's back out on the floor.

As you know, I LOVE linens of all kinds...including grain sacks.
Today, I decided to hang different pieces, with completely different textures on my, much loved, rack.
 It amazes me how much "stuff" I have stored away! It's refreshing to find something while cleaning out a closet...something you love, and used for so many different things. An idea pops into your head, and you have fun with the item, and fall in love with it all over again! is my tobacco rack. Holding pieces that bring a smile to my face. They don't match, but I don't care, because NOTHING in this here lakehouse matches!!
That's okay tho....I like it.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. Sometimes it is like Christmas to me when I find something packed or tucked away. I love to bring it out and utilize it in a new way. I like your linens as you have them displayed on your tobacco rack. My linens are mixed up too. I think it makes you notice them more than if they are all uniform.

    ~ Tracy

  2. Oh-I missed this mornings post, Debbie- I am so sorry to hear that the shop is not going to work out long term for you-I know how excited you were and how much you were looking forward to it. Maybe God will put something else in your path- I can't imagine that someone would not be THRILLED to have you as part of their place.

    Love all your "things"-you know I do-but what I love best is the person that is YOU-xoDiana

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I missed your deleted post. I'm also sorry to hear that you are closing up shop. I'm sure there will be another shop that will love to have you and all of your pretty things.

    I really like the tabacco rack and all your lovely linens.

    and here's to brighter days.


  4. I too missed your morning post. Sometimes things happen for a reason-sorry the shop might not work out!

    I love the tobacco rack-it is great!!

  5. Sorry I missed your morning post...I thought your shop had the perfect cottage look!

  6. I missed your post this morning, Debbie, and am so sorry to hear about your shop! Phooey! I bet once the owner sees what a hit your gorgeous shop and all of your lovely creations are, she will change her mind! If not, I just know that there is something better out there for you! After all, you have to have a shop that I can visit when I move back to Michigan:)

  7. Hi Debbie, Good luck with your shop, I'm sure there will be another one waiting for you, especially with your talent and taste in beautiful things. Love your tobacco rack and linens. We we're at an estate auction in Selene and I purchased a wicker basket filled with linens. This was under a table so we didn't see it until the bidding started. Can you believe I paid a whole $4.00 for it!
    I was one happy gal, included were a few ladies handkerchiefs with SS Kresege price tags for 10 cents. Have a lovely week!

  8. I missed your post this morning too. Sorry to hear that you will be letting your shop go. Hope that there is another place you can sell your beautiful things.
    Love your tabacco rack and the pretty items that you have displayed!!

  9. Debbie-I didn't get to see your post since I was camping-but Tete told me about it. I guess that shop owner doesn't know that variety is the key. The mall I'm in with Tete has over 80 dealers with so many different things-it keeps customers coming back. Not everyone likes the same things-and your stuff is cute. You'll find a better place with an owner that will love to have you and your things there!

  10. I saw your earlier post and even commented on it. While the comment that the owner has the right to say whatever she wants; "primitive, antiques, and cottage" encompasses a large selection. Truth be told, it is odd to have "primitive" cataloged with "antiques and cottage". What you had would be perfect for an "antique/cottage" store front; but I think in the end, it landed where it is meant to be. Just my thoughts on it.

    Not to worry, you will find that perfect place for you to sell your wares!

  11. I got your email the other day, sis, and have been pondering it ever since. What a total letdown for you. I'm so very sorry! But I have an idea. How about opening a little shop of your own on your property? Have the Mister build you a little garden shed on your extra lot that's sweet and cottagey and lakey and sell your stuff out of there. Even if you only do it on the weekends (and call it a garage sale to escape the zoning probs), I'll bet that you would have alot of customers! Just a thought..... ♥

    xoxo laurie