Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watching the game, while floofing.

It's getting late, but we are waiting to see how the Tigers do in the play-offs.
The game has been exciting tonight, and we are hopeful that Detroit will walk away with a win.
I am still working on trying to camouflage the ugly "pretend" fireplace that was here when we moved in.
 Until Mr. Lakehouse tears off the gross front, and replaces it with wood planks that will be painted white, I will have to make do.

I recently found a beautiful architectural piece of pressed tin at the market while shopping with Laurie.
It was in it's raw state, with a beautiful patina.
Originally I wasn't going to paint the piece, but the more I looked at it, I realized the design didn't show.
So, this afternoon I painted the piece white. Then rubbed it for a worn look, and waxed it.

I attached the piece to the existing shelf above the cute little mantel I also found at the market.
 It looks okay...but I would really like to have the whole fireplace redone.....soon!

 I changed the placement of the domes, cages, lamp, and other things that were on the shelf, and little mantel.
I also draped more linen runners over the shelf.

The galvanized pieces from the table are now on the little mantel.
Seed lights are inside the hearth, giving off a warm glow.

The other shelf is also sporting a new look.
I seriously don't understand why the previous owners thought this arrangement looked good???????
Oh well, you work with what you have, and hope for the best.
Oh yay! the Tigers just won the ball game!!
Now we can go to bed.
Good night*


  1. Go Tigers! Doug Fister is my new hero!! Good job on the camouflage Debbie!
    Wishing you a beautiful fall season! Hugs!

  2. Would love to see this naked, cuz what I see, I like.
    Have you seen the new peel and stick tile that looks like expensive back splash tile? It's like $9 a sheet, but super easy to stick and no grout. Just an idea...
    Demo is the easy part...seen it on tv. Sledge hammer and swing. ;)
    Have a great day!

  3. I love the leaf detailing on the metal, it looks great Debbie-enjoy:@)

  4. It looks like a great feature the way you've dressed it!

    (congrats to the Tigers...we are hoping for a Brewers/tigers series!)

  5. I sure do like the way it looks!!
    Great floofing!!

  6. oh it all looks so nice, I am especially liking those domes with the little birds on...so cute...but now you have got me in a "floofing" mood...haha ! the lavender sign is too nice ..
    Gail x

  7. Love what you have done.. It's really quite pretty. Well now.. let's see Rangers won last night.... had to get that one in! hugs xo marlis

  8. All looks so pretty Debbie...love that little tag tucked into the bird cage!

  9. Your mantle is gorgeous, Debbie! I adore your birdcage, and your pressed tin shelf, too. Great idea to paint it white, it's beautiful! Oh, and I am in love with that adorable little lamp in one of the first shots! I can SO relate to not liking certain things around the house!!!!!

  10. You're too funny...watching the game while floofing!

  11. Hey Debbie-how are you!? The fireplace looks great as it is-I wouldn't worry about it much-you have a knack for making things look good!

  12. Hi Debbie,
    It looks gorgeous--you have such a FLAIR for beauty!
    And thank you so much for your sweet comment...it
    meant so much to me.

  13. Lookin Good, Lady... I love the Floofing, I can see you are Very Good at it ~ and everything else too ~ Love the lacy panels hanging in the front. Are those white Christmas lights behind?
    I bet it has cooled off again at the lake~ Have a wonderful weekend

  14. Greetings Debbie,
    What a wonderful find! I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to visiting more...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. Hi Debbie! I know you don't like your mantle, but you've made it so charming! I love the galvanized things and lace runners. The embossed metal is turned out great. I just wish I had a mantle to decorate :) See you soon. {{{hugs}}}

  16. I love what you did with your little fireplace......I finally have a fireplace after 35 years!!!.....we bought and had installed gas logs....one fireplace looks great with a nice high fire...it really looks real and throws great heat....the other not so good and the Boss will not let me call the people that installed them....it barely has flames so when I'm in the kitchen I can't even see light coming from it....Yuck!!!! I think I have to call them when he's not around...LOL

  17. I only follow soccer - so no clue who the tiger's are... but, if you're happy, then yeah tigers !!!!

    I think your floofing looks great... I love the Lavender sign - but then again, I would : D


  18. Hey, sista! I wondered what you were going to do with that awesome piece of tin! It looks great there! I've been eyeing my piece, too - and thinking of drybrushing it.....not quite sure yet. Anyway, your mantel is so very pretty. Very Shabby Chic, girlie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. I think it looks beautiful! I loved all of the mercury glass form your last post...I didn't have the time to leave a comment then but I looked more closely tonight. I wish I knew where to buy it around here!!! I love that stuff!
    I was having a hard time trying to leave comments on some blogs but after I read that Tete switched to Chrome, I finally did the same thing and I couldn't believe the difference, it always works now.
    xoxo Faye