Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old slate...continued.

Here we have the large piece of slate that was saved from the junk pile.
Like the others, I used chalk instead of paint. That way I'll be able to change the text whenever I want.
 Mr. Lakehouse thought I was crazy to hang this old piece of slate behind the new stove...but the patina is just so beautiful!  Can you imagine using this for siding or roofing?  It's soooo heavy!!! and it chips and cracks easily.

 Wouldn't it be fun to have a menu written out for company? or even the potage de le jour.

Oh yes...I saw dishes stacked on a dessert stand at another blog a couple of weeks ago. I love the idea of having the dishes right on the butcher block...close to the stove, AND the dishwasher. I think the stand would look better painted white, or even grey....what do you think?
That's it for using old slate in this here lakehouse....
until next time.....................
Bonne nuit.


  1. I am just popping to blog check from the road- We are across the pond in Houghton/Hancock tonight. I love that slate, Debbie. There was an old shed on our farm that had a slate roof that they tore off to replace when I was a kid. I would love to have that now! I really like the piece behind the stove...and yep- I think that holder thingy would look better painted. I like the idea of grey because the slate actually looks grey too.

    Also read your other two posts- I know that feeling of silence when the kiddos leave. I miss mine this week as we travel~

    Have fun with all your slate! Don't let that Laurie see it or it will be gone in a New York minute! xo Diana

  2. Our old farmhouse had a slate roof on the original part of the house and mom and dad used slate to roof the dog house.
    Love your piece behind the stove.
    I think you should paint the plate rack gray first and then white and sand it a bit. Clear spray sealer over that and you would be good to go!

  3. Now that was clever Debbie. Looks wonderful!

  4. Oooh, la, la,Debbie! Love the slate turned chalkboard! And I wish that I could write as neatly as you do with chalk:) Bet you love that gorgeous new stove!! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. You do better than me Deb with the writing:) I love it above the stove love the two together! Lucky you to have that slate!

  6. LOVE it ! I think it's a wonderful change from the chalkboards we've all been using. I may need to borrow the idea....

    btw - I love the song on here : D


  7. Hi sweetie!! I love the new/old slate, it is gorgeous and it looks perfect there!! The plate stand is so cool, I have always wanted one but my counter space is limited. :( I will just enjoy yours. :)
    I hope all is going well, miss you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. C'est tres jolie !! Clever you..looks like a fine all the slate...would definitely paint the the lady above said..first grey and then white and sand it a bit..would look even more lovely and French......

    Gail x

  9. I love the slate! That's something we don't have or see here. I'd sure like to find one though!!!

  10. Love many possibilities!
    Although I think it would put pressure on me to cook more...ugh!!