Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogger shopping

Actually the heading should read, "Bloggers shopping".
I headed north to Gaylord this morning, to meet Debbie from Green Willow Pond.
It was the first time I met Debbie...yet I felt like I'd known her for a long time.
She's a real beautiful gal...inside and out.
Debbie presented me with gifts that she had made herself.
 Maybe I should have taken the picture before I ate a brownie***actually, it's a good thing I took the picture when I did, or you wouldn't have even seen the brownies.

How do you like this birdcage?  It was one of the first things I spied when we walked in the door at Hobby Lobby.
 Debbie and I really liked these urns. They are so pretty and chippy. We both got a couple. Seems like we both liked a lot of the same things while shopping.
Like mercury glass pieces.....

 I bought two more silver orbs, and just plopped them in urns when I got home.
I've been looking for a nice crown, but could not find any...until today. This bottle topper is really cute!!

I also picked up three more aqua mercury balls to put in my basket.
 We visited the Old Spud Warehouse...a place filled with unique furniture, clothing, rugs, lamps, jewelry, and just about anything "different" you would ever see.
This votive cup caught my eye because of the detail on it.

 Oh yes, another silver ball.

These are the coasters that Debbie made for me. They fit right in with my decor...don't you think?
 This flower frog was sitting by the entry to the Spud Warehouse. It matches the frame on my glass top end table perfectly.

This next piece was an awesome surprise!!!! Not only is it a crown, it's a mercury glass crown!!!!
Cool, huh?!
After some shopping, Debbie and I took a lunch break. We sat and talked for the longest time. I felt so comfortable with her, I shared things that I don't readily share with others.
She's amazing! I love the fact that she looks in your eyes when she talks to you. Almost like she sees the soul...you know?
I feel that God orchestrated our meeting. I don't believe in coincidence. Blessings like today don't "just happen".
I came away with a feeling of renewal in my spirit.
Thank you Debbie for such a wonderful time today...and thank you God for such a wonderful sister in Christ.


  1. I'm so glad that you met Debbie and had a great time together. It sounds as if you are soul sisters! and you had a wonderfully successful shopping day. You know how much I love mercury glass...and the crowns!! Nice!!

    I hope you and Debbie have a long and happy friendship!


  2. So glad you had a great day meeting a Bloggy Buddy! Love your new found treasures too-enjoy:@)

  3. That has happened to me a couple of times in my life, Debbie. Where I just sat down with someone and my heart came pouring out. I think it was because I knew I was with someone non-judgmental and that they really CARED!

    I love your finds..especially the mercury glass crown. Now..you mean you found that birdcage at Hobby Lobby and it looked like THAT right there? WOW! THAT was a find. I have to get over to HL and buy a couple more mercury balls before they are all gone! xo Diana

  4. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day.
    Shopping & lunch with a wonderful friend... & the nice things you got are just the icing on the cake....
    Thanks for sharing your day... I am just a little jealous.... : ) (& LOVE, LOVE Old Spud Warehouse, if we are any where near, I will make husband drive an hour out of the way to go there... : )

  5. First of all ~ what an absolutely beautiful day you had, sis. Debbie2 sounds like such a blessing to you. :) Second ~ I see a wee bit of Frenchiness creeping into your lakehouse, girlie! lol! You nabbed some awesome treasures today. Looks like I'll be making a trip to HL verrrry soon..... lol!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Oh....and you DO know that I have those exact same urns, don'tcha??? lol!

  7. Hey Debbie, I had a an absolutely wonderful day with you. I'm still smiling :) I felt the same way...like we are soul sisters...which we are in Christ! So amazing to think we will spend eternity together. I wonder if they have mercury glass in heaven LOL! When we get there, come visit me at my mansion anytime ;)

  8. That is awesome that you got to meet Debbie! Sounds like you both had the best time together! Love all of your finds, I sure miss Hobby Lobby, there aren't any out here. Phooey! Your mercury glass treasures are great. And the gifts that Debbie made you are wonderful! I always thought hand created gifts were the best!!

  9. It's so special when you meet a "soul sister" good for you! ...
    I just love crowns and am waiting to find some...love the ones you found and all the other goodies too...sounds like you had a wonderful time...happy days x
    Gail x

  10. What a great day you had! Look at all that loot! So glad you met someone you felt so at home with right off the bat. You know, He sends who we need when we need them...
    Good thing I don't get out that far- our Hobby Lobby is an hour away. I think I could do some serious damage to our bank account.

  11. I am so happy that you had a great time!! Deborah is so wonderful as are you. :) Your treasures are gorgeous, loving all that mercury. Bloggy friends are such a blessing.

  12. Debbie, what a lovely, lovely day and visit you had! It is so nice to meet fellow bloggers! You bought some really pretty things too-lucky you!! HUGS!

  13. Okay...we don't have Hobby Lobby...if you can believe that! I'm dying to find some mercury glass! You found such great stuff!!!
    Sounds like a lot of fun too!

  14. That is just so awesome Debbie. You met a blogging friend and had a fantastic day. I love the coasters she made for you too. Hobby lobby is fun, I must get there soon~

  15. Hi Debbie, I guess I don't get out enough! I will try your suggestions first....thanks for the help and if I don't have any luck I'll let you know. I just love this stuff! Thanks for helping me out! :)
    xoxo Faye

  16. Sounds like you had a great time, with some lovely finds. I love the contrast between the chippy finishes and the shine. The flower frog is a great colour and shape too. Thanks for the kind comment on the painted little tables.

  17. It's always wonderful when you see God's hand doing His pre-ordained stuff. And then we are amazed when we shouldn't be. I'm so happy that you had a marvelous time. I love your sweet finds. I have some vintage christmas balls that turq color.. when I get to the Christmas stuff I'll remember you!

  18. Hi Debbie, I love hearing stories of meeting other Bloggers, so far I have only met Dawn "The Feathered Nest" when I was in Georgia Last year, it felt the same, like we had known each other forever, I think that will be the way it is when we finally get a chance to meet ~ I mean, we both live in the same State, so it has to happen sometime (I am thinking Spring!) I love the stuff you bought on your adventure, I didn't see anything like that bird cage at Hobby Lobby, but I did use my gift card from my B-Day & bought the Large Black (Plaster like) Scissors to hang in the studio, I thought they would look great on the wall..... I am off to check out the Other Debbie's Blog ~ btw, Thanks for the B-Day wish, I knew there would be lots of Ladies out there who would appreciate That Card! Sorry I wrote a Book!

  19. Looks like you got some great things and had a fun time doing it!

  20. Hi Debbie,
    Not sure if my emails went through but I did find a few pretty pieces Thursday and you are right...it was where you suggested! Thanks so much for your help! And also...congratulations on your giveaway win!