Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mid-Winter sunshine.

The clock on my computer says 5:45 PM.
It's still light outside. 
The sky is a periwinkle blue, and the snow on the ground a creamy white.

To the west, the sky behind the trees has a warm glow.
Even though I'm home with an awful cold today, Mother Nature gave my heart a lift.

I don't mind Winter....but the lack of sunshine does cause a certain sadness to set in after too many days of cloudy skies.

Because of being sick, I slept most of the day.
When I finally got out of bed, and saw the sunshine, things seemed so much better.

I heard from Diana, from Nana Diana, yesterday.
She's been ill for weeks!
Diana is finally on the mend, but has a ways to go before she is completely better.
She will be going to Florida with her family soon.
Please keep Diana in your prayers for a complete recovery before her trip.

Vera is another blogger that has had a rough winter with health issues.
Please keep her in your prayers, also.
The light is fading, and darkness is slowing creeping in.
I see lamps in the windows of the houses across the canals are starting to come on.
Time to go back to the sofa, and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
Have a wonderful evening.


  1. Hi Debbie, I am so sorry you are sick. So glad you could rest today. I know Diana has been so sick and Vera too. Keeping both in my prayers for a full recovery soon.
    It gets dark here around 5:30 and there have been days, I crawl right into my jammies for the night. Just that cozy cuddle up time of year. I agree the sunshine helps and we had lots this week till today when it rained all day and was bitter cold. It is predicted to be back to the 70's over the weekend and next week.
    It sure helps ones outlook!

    Get well soon.
    Blessings xoxo

  2. Oh Debbie I am so sorry you have a cold. Your photographs are beautiful, periwinkle sky and sunshine sounds glorious. Philly has been grey for days. Thank you for your thoughtful mention, I am trying my best to gain my strength to accomplish what my mind wants to do but my body still says - what? No way! Whatever this virus was that hit so many people by surprise this winter is lingering but it can't last much longer ... Eyes, fingers and toes crossed.
    Please rest and take care of yourself, perfect attire seems to be pajama's! To me they feel like a warm hug! Sending love and hope you rid the cold in record time.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Make some hot tea. xo

  4. Oh Debbie, this is not a good virus, it's vengful and hangs on for dear life.
    I too was very sick, and our Dear Vera cheered my days with the love she sent over.

    I was sick two weeks before Christmas, with what was a sinus issue, then on December 23rd I got hit with the worst I have ever experienced. I was in bed and could not move the caugh was horrific, I missed out on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and all the way through New Years. On Dec 27th I ened up in emergency with being given a double does of a breathing treatment, steroides, and more medications then one would know what to do with. I was totally in bed for over 12 days and then days after that for measures of rest, I was depressed because I was so sick and could not breathe in, and I was weekend to the point I felt that I would never get well. It was a scary feeling to be so sick.
    So I hope you get to the doctors and don't wait it out, it may turn into more then you think you are dealing with.

    What beauty you have to surround you while caring for your sick needs, the snow and sun sounds like glistening glitter scattered about, and nothing feels better on gloomy days then the sunlight.

    I am adding you in on my prayers.


  5. Sounds like quite a lot of people have been really sick has been the same over here...with people ending up with pleurisy and pneumonia ...hope you are feeling better soon and will pray for nana Diana and Vera too ...take care...stay cosy...Gail x

  6. Winter sunshine is very appreciated by me too. I love the days when it appears. Every thing changes, especially my outlook. You and your friends are in my prayers for complete recoveries. Winter is very hard on us and the lack of sunshine makes it even harder.

  7. Hello, My heart goes out to you and to those you mentioned. And I think this has been a very bad year for sickness. As one myself that was hit by it! I am rejoicing as the sun is out today I feel strength returning! I did a post on Winter Whites or Winter Blues.
    I think this is just that time of year, I fully understand snow-birds now!!
    Our dear Diana has had a really tough time and this really hit her lungs!
    I enjoyed your vintage photos and your description of another painted landscape from God's hand alone...
    Love, Roxy

  8. I'm sorry to hear that you've been down with a cold. That's no fun! My oldest son has been dealing with one too. He just started college, so I bet he picked up something there. I know poor Diana has been sick for so long. Pneumonia doesn't go away quickly. My husband had it a few years ago and thought he would NEVER get rid of it. He coughed and felt bad for months!

  9. Hi Debbie, I was sorry to read about you being sick. I hope you are better today. I know what you are saying about too much gloom making you a bit sad. I am just like that. This evening as I was walking the dirveways talking with God, I looked up to the clouds and I could see some blue, although the sun has been hidden for two days now. Looks like there is nasty weather coming north...hope it misses us. I have been very worried about Diana. I just love her happy blog so much. I have been missing her. I will keep all you sweet ladies in my prayers. Please take care of yourself. I love the way you described the lights coming on across the way. Blessings to you, love you, Susie

  10. Hi Debbie,
    I'm sorry you have a nasty cold, hope you feel better very soon! I am so glad Diana is going to Florida. Hopefully the warmer temps and sunshine will do her a world of good. We went for well over a week with no sun at all. Thankfully it came out a few hours today and it felt wonderful! Get lots of rest, and feel better soon, ok?

  11. I'm very sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better. How many lovely and sweet things in your home. I love the vintage laces, they are such romantic.

  12. Sorry you are not feeling well Debbie. Sending healing wishes your way. Stay warm and cozy and get some rest. The sun does help make the day better. Have a good week end.

  13. Lovely description of the evening, Debbie! You have a way with words. I hope you feel better soon. Having a cold is no fun, so I'm sending prayers your way. For the past few months I've recovered from one cold only to trade it in for another; it's so good to be well again! There's light at the end of the tunnel ;)