Friday, August 21, 2015

This will do.

It's that time of year....when I start bringing things inside.
The urn was bleached, and now graces the table in the living room.

The PeeGee Hydrangeas are starting to turn their glorious pink it's time to bring them in to dry.
They look lovely in the urn at the end of Summer.

The mix of textures in this vignette makes my heart sing.
I love bringing together rustic elements with a bit of the crystals on the sconce, and the rugged shed door.
The beautiful, yet simple design of the urn doesn't detract from the intricate carvings on the table below it.
The pretty linen and lace runner looks wonderful underneath the rough, cement urn. 
I love this look!   It's not for everyone, I know....but for'll do.
~I'm joining Kerry Anne at Shabby Art Boutique for her Shabbilicious Friday link party.
~I am also joining Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday.


  1. Oh Debbie I am loving your rustic elegance. I've been adding more and more in our row-home and it satisfies my soul amd graces our home.
    Wishng you a beautiful weekend my sweet friend.

  2. The urn and flowers look very nice. I can't believe that summer is almost over.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I love it all. Looks so pretty. Your decor is right up my alley and I love this. Your hydrangeas are so beautiful and will be so pretty dried. Have a great week end.

  4. Dried hydrangeas are beautiful. They seem to last forever with a little care. I have some here from two years ago, but mine are blue. Sad to think of summer ending, but it will. You'll have a sweet remembrance there at your house to keep as a reminder of lovely summer days. Your urn is a good choice to hold them. Beautiful Arrangement.

  5. That is a beautiful urn! I am so in love with your angel wings too...I only have a small pair but hope to have a big pair like yours someday:) I can't believe we're heading to the end of August already!!! The year is flying by. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  6. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! They will look good dried too. I love the look of rustic mixed with elegant so I like the planter on top of the lace runner.

  7. Debbie, I love that look too. The rustic and the lacey things together. I am thinking of cutting my hydrangea heads and bringing inside ..Now I need a nice bowl. :):) You inspire me. Blessings to you sweet friend, love, Susie

  8. Hi Debbie
    I just love the look of everything you do in your home. Its so beautiful. The hydrangeas are gorgeous
    enjoy this magnificent day today

  9. Love this look Debbie, it's a pretty combination. Gorgeous hydrangeas!! Everything you pull together is perfect!!
    It does well !! Happy and Blessed Sunday to you. Hugs, cm

  10. adore the look! Hydrangea's are so easy to use in so many ways, mine dry a great deep green...would love the pink!

  11. Oh Debbie, I hear you girl! I too have been moving things about from the yard to shelter be it, in my home, or to under cover. Our hotest time of year is September where the temps rise and rise. The roses suffer the worst of it, and the grape vine need extra watering.

    Your urn is great, in all my years collecting I have found one smaller iron urn aged to perfection, anything larger has that wow! california high price tag, and being a picker, a salvager, a hunter it really takes the fun out of a great flea market find if you have to pay the price for it.

    Your rugged washed in perfect grey age is amazing, and really truly another kind of piece that I too would snag up and bring into my home yet, a pricy tag price if purchased at a shop or flea around here...those are the kind of pieces I like to find at a yard sale when it's in their junk pile to burn or trash out, like my saw horse bedside table in my latest post next to my iron bed...yes it was junk that I saw beauty in transforming for free! I had a planked piece of wood for a sign that fit perfect as a table top and well, fitting to become something perfcet for a night bedside table that I fell in love with when I got to nailing cutting and screwing it all secure.

    Much like you it's these old weathered treasure that truly add the sight of joy to our days. And all the blessings with the inspiration and beauty all around us that something like an out doors garden urn can brings so much garden beauty right into our homes such as taken place with your urn.... I have got to keep my eyes wide open for a nice big urn, seeing the drama of euro chic-ness! It adds to your space.

    Beauty to your seasonal decorating ahead of you.


  12. Oh how I wish I could grow hydrangeas, Debbie! Yours are beautiful in the urn. I think drying them is a true art form, as I've never had much luck with that, either:) You are blessed with not only a green thumb but you also have so much talent creating a gorgeous home!!

  13. I love this, Debbie. I'm all about texture, and I can feel the 'heaviness' of the urn and the delicateness of the flowers. I usually wait til my hydrangeas are a bit stiff before cutting... how about you?

    Love to you,

    Jane x

  14. What a pretty urn, looks so nice with the sweet hydrangeas! It's still 105-110 here so still not much growing around the area! Enjoy this new week ahead! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  15. Dear Debbie, i' m back! Your home is always gorgeous. The urn and the flowers are such beautiful. Everything is so elegant and the atmosphere is very soothing.

  16. You have to know that I LOVE this my dear! It's beautiful and how I adore that shed door. I have one that came off our old chicken coop and have been thinking about bringing it in. Now I will!
    I see I have missed some lovely things here and sat this morning to catch up. How I would love to walk through your home Debbie. It is everything I love!
    Have a wonderful week my dear.
    Hugs from me...

  17. J'avoue être tombé sous le charme de ce style de déco que je trouve très romantique.
    Bell fin d'été en toute amitié.


  18. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting... I love the color of the dried hydrangeas you used in this urn. They are so delicate and pretty!

  19. My hydrangeas dried while we out of state for a funeral. I'm going to cut mine today and bring them inside.