Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shabby swags....and LOVING August!!

I LOVE August!
It's the time of year when the weather turns hot and humid.
It reminds me of being a kid on summer vacation.
Shortie pajama's, fans in the windows, popsicles, kool-aid, hide and go seek, pony tails, riding bikes, catching frogs, flying kites, fireflies, and swimming until dark.

With the hot and humid weather upon us now....I find myself spending more time indoors these days.
I recently tore some strips of fabric and made some swags with them.

Different accents were used in each one.
Crinkled seam binding, vintage lace, and burlap.

This one was longer than the rest.

I tied this one right onto a curtain rod for a valance.

The one above my work table/desk is more full.
I've run out of places to hang more swags....for now, so this weekend I will probably be braving the heat and humidity to spend time out on the lake....and maybe fly my kite while I'm out there.*

~I'll be joining KerryAnne at Shabby Art Boutique for Shabbilicious Friday.  Go over for a visit, and see her beautiful blog.
~ I'm also joining Patti and Paula for What's It Wednesday at Ivy and Elephants #179. I'm sure you will enjoy their lovely blog. 
~I will also be joining Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday. Courtney's blog is about decorating in the French style....I just love it!
~Another neat party I'm joining is Donna's Upcycled link party for Salvaged Junk Projects. and since I found the lace for these swags at the Salvage Market, I thought this party would be a perfect one to link up to. Visit Donna at Funky Junk's Party Junk, and see some amazing DIY projects.


  1. What a neat idea! Love those shabby swags, they look awesome!

  2. Debbie, All that you mentioned brought back memories. So much fun . I actually like those swags as a valance. So sweet. Would be so cute over a sheer panel. I like seeing the water from your window...Do some posts featuring your water. Do you still kayak? Blessings to you, Love you, Susie

  3. Debbie

    I think it's so ironic I was going to do something very similar to my guest bedroom window. Beautiful and no sew. I love your blog.

  4. I love your shabby swags! What a cute idea that is:) I lived on the east coast of Canada, just outside of Toronto, from the age of 8 to 14 and have those same wonderful memories of no a/c back then! We just had to sweat it out:) Have a lovely weekend my friend and go fly a kite:)

  5. The swags make beautiful window treatments, but must have been a lot of work for you. Anything worth having is never easy they say. Being on the lake this time of year would be wonderful. My daughter and her hubby took me out to the beach on Lake Erie for an evening walk after dinner last night. We're about half hour away and it was wonderful. Hope you have a fun weekend! Enjoy those lake breezes !

  6. Happy Friday Debbie,
    As I read your childhood memories of Summer in my mind's eye I saw you. I related to your childhood adventures in the sun and heat. I was a Tom boy as a young girl and would go down to the creek with my older brother and fish. Although the creek really only had Sunnies and Black eels in it. I would catch a frog (still love them) stuff it in my pocket and when I returned home my parents made me clear my pockets and release them! Hot humid and hazy days turned into dark evenings with light from the fireflies. Oh to go back to the innocence and sense of adventure once again.
    So where am I going with this? Well Debbie your shabby sways with your story line made my emotions carefree and happy. Really like the textural fabric changes in them.
    They are pretty and flirty, girly. Now I want a cherry Popsicle and a fishing pole.
    Sending love,

  7. Yeah love the swags ...such a nice idea... enjoy your kite flying sounds like fun !
    Gail x

  8. Your swags are just so pretty, Debbie! Isn't it fun to tear and rip all of that fabric? What a great stress reliever that can be!! I remember all of those sweet times from when I was little too. Summer was pure magic, and I always dreaded to see it end (that meant school was just around the corner!!). Making ice cream floats, swimming, playing in the barn, and helping my mom take my dad his dinner out in the field. Those are simple sweet memories I have when I was little. Have a great day,my friend:)

  9. I made these for my booth for decoration but they always sell. Also, fun to make.
    I love your swags and how you are using them.


  10. how pretty. Flying a kite......boy would I love to be the kite!

  11. I love these! I keep saying I am going to make one but don't have anywhere to put it. I love that you hung one on a shutter. I actually just added a shutter to my front hall.

  12. I love them and have never seen anyone else make them. I need to make one too. I like August too, but I really love the Fall and cannot wait for it this year.

  13. Love your beautiful swags Debbie. So happy you love August and the heat and I know being by the lake has to be fabulous. Enjoy.

  14. Hi Debbie
    Your Shabby Swags are dreamy!!! I just love them. Yes go and fly a kite. I actually do that here on the beach, what fun
    have a great weekend

  15. Debbie, of course you love vintage linens! Now following your lovely blog. :)
    Rita C at Panoply

  16. Several years back I made a branch swag with dried flowers and ribbons hanging from it that is on my office wall. I've always loved the idea of the ribbons and now seeing the swags you've made I'll be thinking about implementing something similar over existing window coverings. Pinning for future reference!

  17. Those are such great swags, Debbie! I love the subtle colors and how they hang so sweetly! Enjoy your August! We have endured the hottest temps of the year this week 115 - 118, Phoenix at it's best! Have a great week ahead! Blessings, Cindy

  18. The swags are gorgeous!!! You've inspired me!! And I love that you are enjoying August---the heat can be relentless, but certainly not all summer long. Get out there in the early mornings and evenings and enjoy summer!!! :)

    Jane x

  19. Your swags are so sweet, and I especially love the print combinations. xoxo Su