Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Five dollar chairs.

Even tho we put our house on the market, I'm still doing projects around here...in between packing things up (in hopes of selling the Lakehouse), working, cleaning up the yard, and sending things off to St. Vinney's.

I found these chairs at an estate sale this summer for five dollars each.
One of the captain's chairs was missing...but for five dollars each, I couldn't resist!
Mr. Lakehouse cleaned them up, glued them, sanded them, then painted them a nice creamy white.
I cleaned the seats up, and am now working on recovering them with a pretty Damask that my sweet friend Debbie, from Florida, sent me home with last Spring.

I think they would look really cute with a ruffled skirt. 
I'm not sure what I will do with them until we move.
For now, they will sit with the farmhouse chairs, around the farmhouse table.
Our poor realtor. She probably cringes when she has to show our house...worrying if the place is going to look like a flea market inside.
Oh well, variety is the spice of life, right?!


  1. The chairs look lovely around your table, Debbie. If I was to view your home as a potential buyer, I would think that was a lovely room in which one could host warm and meaningful get togethers. We have a huge extended family and to have extra seating possible, and lots of room to pull out chairs, that is a big bonus. To my mind white usually equates to clean and cared for.

  2. I think they're great! Your realtor should be thrilled to represent such a loved and charming home!!!!


  3. I agree, your home looks clean and inviting. Anyone would love it, if they don't, they are nuts! I love the chairs!

  4. Cute chairs! I hope your home sells quickly and you can get settled soon:@)

  5. Debbie...I didn't know you were moving! I went back and read a few posts I missed. Where are you moving to?

    I am sure your home will sell. I can't imagine anyone not liking your sweet home that you have put your heart into. And if they have different tastes, they can look beyond at the "bones".

    BTW, I LOVE the chairs!


  6. I have a thing for old chairs too and I'm forever pulling them out of trash piles on the street or snatching them up at garage sales. The only one I've kept for myself is a gorgeous one that I saw laying at the curb. I drove around the block to go back and get it. Once I sanded, stained and varnished it and gave it new cushions, it's now my favorite chair at the lake house.

  7. Wow, what a deal those chairs were, Debbie! I love the color and shape, they look great at your table! And I think you sell yourself short! Your home is beautiful, so warm and inviting! So much more interesting than "matchy-matchy"! I think potential buyers will really love it, too!

  8. In my book, chairs are like people...friends. You can never have too many. Sometimes I name my chairs. :)

  9. Love the chairs around the table!
    I am thinking positive for a quick sale!

  10. Darling chairs, sista!!! They look so sweet there! I'm praying for a quick sale for you!! ♥

    xoxo laurie