Sunday, October 7, 2012

Getting things ready.

You might as well pour yourself a cup of tea, because there are quite a few pictures with my post today.
I will try to keep the words at a minimum.
We are putting our house on the market.
My heart aches to be closer to my girls, and their families.

I moved the bedroom furniture around in the two rooms upstairs.
The two with the VERY slanted ceilings. The two very small bedrooms.

After last night, I'm a little down.
We participated in the annual golf-cart, poker-run in our sub-division. 
There were six houses that we stopped at.

Each home had a theme.
Decorated with beautiful furnishings that all matched.

Some were beach-themed, with sailboats. Others had woodsy decor, and knotty pine walls.

Of course, there were the "decorator" homes. The ones that left you feeling like you would NEVER host anything at your house!!!

We were invited to have a drink at the new neighbors house at the end of the evening.
She was so proud to show me all of her new furnishings. The carpet pieces, paint swatches, window treatments, etc.

My heart sank.

Who in the world is going to walk into this house and think it's a place they can picture themselves living in?!

I guess I could have decorated the place like an up-north retreat...but then I wouldn't have wanted to live here!!!!

I guess it is what it is.

It can be considered primed, and ready for whatever color they would prefer.
No more chippy, worn, rusted, vintage, mis-matched pieces.
I hope someone finds some potential in this place.
Maybe they will envision a place for their matching furniture with dark wood frames, oak tables, and hang moose, and deer heads on the walls.
They could sit in front of the fire in their long underwear, and wool socks, and talk about hunting and fishing.
That's what my husband wanted to do......


  1. Someone will fall in love with your beautiful place and make it their own, no worries!


  2. Your place is beautiful - don't underestimate yourself. If your house truly looks like your photos, people will fall in love with it. You can tell it's well loved. Now, if you want to see a train wreck, come look at MY house. :-) Hugs!

  3. WHAT???!!! Are you nuts, sis??? Your sweet cottage has more personality than any matchy-matchy, hoitie-toite decorator house, girl!! You won't have annnny problems selling it. One thing that we did learn when selling ours was that you should remove any family photos from the rooms (and "dead animals" from the walls). Keep things plain and simple, light and airy. You want to "sell" to the woman of the house. She usually has the final say, you know. hehehe! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. I LOVE your home, Debbie! It is gorgeous! Give me white any day, I really hate the lodge look! And no dead animals on the walls either! When I met hubby, he had a deer head on the wall (not his, it was the former owners of the house). Luckily it didn't take too much persuading for him to get rid of it!! I wish you luck selling your home, I bet you have mixed feelings. I know how much work a move is! But being close to your family would be so nice.

  5. PS: I think matchy matchy is beyond boring! And is for people who have no imagination, either! Your home is so lovely and full of personality and character, something those other houses sound lacking in!!!

  6. Oh no! You are moving farther away??? Gaaah! We've got to get to Gaylord one more time before you do!

    It better be soon, because that gorgeous house of yours will probably sell in a heartbeat! Don't sell yourself or your style short. It looks dreamy to me :)

  7. Oh Debbie...your home is beautiful and I don't think you will have any problems selling it...and before you know it, you will be living closer to your girls, and their families.

  8. Debbie, I think your home is beautiful. Many of us love chippy and mismatched...after all that is what is "in" now, not matchy matchy. But I understand what your saying. I am sure it is hard to think about leaving your Lakehouse, but the pleasure of being near your grandbabies will out weigh everything!

  9. Oh, I am sad that you are selling that lovely place, but happy for you, that you will be closer to the kids & grandkids...

    It will sell... It is on the water, & it is BEAUTIFUL!!

  10. What a surprise, leaving the lakehouse behind. Sounded so ideal. But I guess family always wins out, especially if there are grandkids to consider.

    So you're into "staging" these days, emptying it somewhat to make the spaces seem larger, taking out the personality pieces that others won't relate to. But, there's a plus alright, a neutral, white interior! Great way to start!

  11. Hi Debbie,
    First of all keep your sights on moving to be near your children and their families. Your beautiful home will sell, so stop worrying. All it takes is for one person to walk through the doors and fall in love with it and it's a done deal!
    We have been in our new home now for about three weeks. It was tough going through everything but in the long run we are now where we want to be....near family.
    You have a lovey home and believe me it will happen.


  12. You do have a theme in your home Debbie, it's one of BEAUTY! A very lucky family will fall in love with your home and how exciting that you're going to be closer to your kids and grandkids!!!

  13. Your home is beautiful! It will probably sell faster than you think!

  14. I'm sure there are more people like "us" who don't want a cookie cutter home and will appreciate the warmth and beauty of your wonderful home and will be able to picture themselves in it right away!

  15. Debbie, your home is beautiful and don't you ever think otherwise. There are more of us than them out there. I would love to live in your house and I know you will have no problem selling it. I am sorry you are leaving what took you so long to create, but, girl, making a house into a home is what you do best, so anywhere you land will be perfect for you or you have the talent and soul to make it that way. Prayers for you as you choose a different path and just remember that more time with tiny arms around is worth more than all the banks in the world could hold. You know where I am when you need me. My sweet friend, smile, God's got your back.

  16. Dear Debby, I think your home is wonderful. People will do what they want once it is bought. But if you and your husband were happy there, that's the important part. I wish you the best with your move. You are so very special to me and my daughter. Your strength, prayers and well wishes, lifted us when we were in need. God bless you, Susie

  17. Oh your house is just lovely Debbie and I am sure you will make your next place just as nice ! plus it will be lovely being near your family. I bet it sells really quick! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  18. Debbie, I love your upstairs bedrooms, they are the room that I always dreamed of having as a young girl, in fact, I still have a thing about dormers and slanted me they conjure up a fairtale feel...I hope you find the house of your dreams, near your kiddos, and I know in no time at all, it will have that dreamy cottage look, and feel that you so love!!! Big hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs