Friday, January 11, 2013

I found something!

I went to pay my rent for my booth the other day, and spotted this column that had been cut down, in another booth.
The column needs some repair, and some paint, but I really like it.

Mr. Lakehouse picked it up with the truck for me today.
Of course he laughed at the condition it's in.
He actually volunteered to help repair it this Spring.

We will try to keep with the chippy, worn look...but there are some spots that really need some fixing up.

I am still looking for a taller column for the house, but this short one does the trick for now.

It fits in with the rest of the pieces we have here at the Lakehouse.
As you sit with your vintage pieces...don't you often wonder who they used to sit with?
I bet they could tell us some stories!
Have a happy weekend*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.


  1. Love it !!! that is such a lucky find Debbie !
    Gail x

  2. Love it! Just love it. Ok, you can shop for me anyday!
    Can't wait to see it repaired. If things could only talk of where they have been, what they have seen(and remember, your stuff has seen you naked...) and who they have known in their past lives. How many books could they fill?

  3. Debbie, Your home is lovely! I adore the whites and your brown walls. Gorgeous!!!

  4. Great find! Love it the way it is... looks so pretty with your other pieces. I can't have a booth because I would buy more than I sold... no will power.

  5. It's just beautiful, Debbie! Please share how and where you use it. Your hubby is a doll! :)


  6. What a cool old column, Debbie. I really love it. I missed one at a yard sale last summer- it sold for $5...I wanted to kick the buyer! Your room is beautiful- peaceful and beautiful- xo Diana

  7. That's an awesome find Debbie! Your whole room looks so lovely and inviting:) Are you still trying to sell your house?

  8. Good for you Deb, such a neat find. I'm wondering too what you will do with it:)

  9. What a cool find, Debbie! I bet its former home was on a pretty old porch. Have you had any more open houses?

  10. Love it, Debbie! It looks just perfect there behind the sofa! :)

    xoxo laurie