Sunday, January 20, 2013

Writing letters.

I was cleaning out my desk today, and found some old letters, and cards.
Remember writing letters to your friends?

I used to send letters to my friend, Laurie.
We wrote back and forth all the time.

We were novices at decorating, and gardening. We sent actual photographs through the mail of our houses, and gardens.
I would be excited, waiting for the mail person during the week...hoping there would be an envelope for me in the mailbox from Laurie.

I loved seeing pictures of her beautiful flowers, and lovely home.

I miss those times.
I know emailing is easier, and much quicker...but it seems to have lost some of the excitement of those days I used to look forward to.
The anticipation of the letters, and cards. The pictures. The cherished time spent reading the heartfelt sentiments......

Things change with technology. Some good changes, some not so much.
I guess we hold on to those memories that brought us joy, and thank God for those times that warmed our hearts.
I might not use my old desk for writing letters like I used to...but it still holds a lot of special memories for me.


  1. ;)- I remember when the mail box held more than bills and ads, too. I do miss letters from home, cards from friends and aunts who just wanted to catch up. I miss photos.

  2. So true Debbie, writing letters seems to be a lost art. I have a huge bag full of notes from high school and also many letters and cards from the past. I've lost 2 close friends over the years so having handwritten letters and cards from them means the world to me!

    Your little desk is adorable!

  3. Oh I know what you mean was so exciting to get post through the letter box !! My nephew who is only 24 insists on writing to people though as well as emailing so even the younger generation realise what a treat it is to get post >..
    Gail x

  4. I love letter writing too,Debbie! I'm afraid that it's become a dying art though. Believe it or not, I do have an old fashioned pen pal, yes, I do! She and I have been writing for around 15 years, sometimes sharing photos, always exchanging Christmas gifts and birthday packages. It is so much fun to find a friend in the actual mail box, not just the email box:)
    Love your birdcage!!!

  5. I miss those days too. Sometimes I wish we never got into the computer world but then we wouldn't meet such sweet people like you through our blogs!

  6. Those were the days!
    I remember having a wax kit to seal my envelopes with a monogram "S". A gift from my aunt that I wish I still had today!

  7. I have a box of notes and letters my best friend from childhood sent each other over the years. It is a lost art. Your desk is beautiful and I love the memories it speaks to you.


  8. Debbie, What you said about somethings good and somethings not so good about technology, is so true. My sister Jeanie will never own a computer, so we write to each other, any where from 2 -5 times a week. I look forward to the mail carrier coming. I felt so sad if I don't get mail. I tell my sister that she and I are each other's therapist. We left off steam, whine, gripe, and laugh in our letters. I know how you feel getting the letters from Laurie. Email is nice, just not the same. xoxox, Susie

  9. I miss the letter/card writing and receiving of them too. My 93 old friend who was a high school English teacher regularly writes notes and cards to her remaining friends. She gets a little cranky if I don't send her something in the mail too and it just makes me smile. My favourite thing to do to keep this old fashioned communication alive by sending thank you notes to someone that's had us for dinner, or did something nice for me.
    The computer is definitely easier but seems quite tacky under some circumstances - like for birthday cards!
    Great post, I enjoyed it. My roll top desk in the kitchen holds memories too.

  10. I still post a note in the snail mail box just about every day. It makes me feel good to write on pretty papers, support the USPost Office and make someone's day, especially my Mom's. She has NO appreciation for comptuers.

  11. Such sweet sweet memories, Debbie. I miss those days, too. I always loved receiving a pretty envelope with your beautiful handwriting on it. I guess that's why I always cherish a surprise card or note in the mail nowadays whenever I receive one. ♥ And I still try so hard to at least send birthday cards to friends and family and include a note inside. :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. I agree! I miss letters. There was the whole anticipation between getting it out of the mailbox, bringing it inside and then finally opening it. It could be anything. Now all I get in the mail is bills. Not as fun!

  13. what a great post...I still have the greeting cards that my father sent my mother back in the 30's...nobody sends cards any more either....I thank God for the Dollar Tree for their great selection of cards for either 50 cents or a $1.00 I send cards to friends now all the time just because....the price of cards everywhere else have gone crazy and by the time you add the stamp it's just nuts...I was in the post office the other day and when I heard that the price of stamps were going up once again I suggested we all get Lance Armstrong to pay for them.....

  14. Hi Debbie...How come you and Laurie don't write anymore?

    I have a friend like that in and we used to send dozens upon dozens of cards to each other. That took place over a period of several years.

    We don't write as often now, but I call her faithfully once a week and we gab for about an hour or more each time.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today. Appreciated your visit and comment, too! Susan

  15. I missed this post before, Debbie. I can't tell you how excited I used to be to get letters from my three girlfriends. We sent pictures, too, of homes and gardens and kids. There was just something so special knowing that a person you loved put her hand to a piece of paper, put her thoughts down in written words, sealed the envelope and sent a bit of her life to you. I do miss those days sometimes- xo Diana