Friday, January 11, 2019

Still here, at our cottage.

Whew....this computer has been out of commission for months!!!
Getting it going again took some doing, so I don't know how long it will last.
I have been on IG for the last few months, but have been missing all the blogs, and my blog friends!!
I thought I would start out with this quote by Dr. Seuss.
Be yourself, everyone else is taken......

The reason I like this quote, is because we had our cottage listed 
for the past six months.  We had no offers in all that time. We did
get a lot of comments on the décor, however....and all of it was

I thought when you listed your house, it was the home that was for sale
NOT the contents!!
I don't mean to harp on this, but people were just plain rude!
So.....when our listing ran out, we did not re-list.

For one thing, we couldn't find anything comparable to what we
have.. downstate, and for another thing....God seems to have His
own plans for our lives at the moment.

I did purge a few things, but as you can plainly see, NOT enough
It got to a point when I felt like I was giving up a part of myself.
So......there are some changes, but not a bunch.
Like our sectional sofa.
More practical for our family when they spend time here in 
the summer months.
It might not match the other décor, but that is all a part of
being "yourself".

Sometimes you have to go with what works, and try to "fit" it in.
I will be having a sale in the Spring to sell a few more pieces of furniture, 
and other things that have been here for too long.
After that we are having some painting done, and porches added
to the outside of the house.

One thing that has changed is Cita!! She is part Maine Coon, although you
cannot tell that by her coat.
She is 9 months old and weights 12 1/2 pounds!
Her mother is a tabby cat, and we are thinking(because her siblings had coats like Coon cats, and all have the points on their ears) that the male was Maine Coon.
Cita is a huge kitty!! and tests my patience continually!!
She is, however, very affectionate almost to the point of being obnoxious!!!

I have been baking so much during the cold months....I even take cookies to the kids
at school.   
Oh yes, still doing the teacher's aide thing.
Teaching two Bible studies at the Lion's Den, also.
It's a Christian drug rehabilitation mission north of here.
Funded solely by donations from the community.
I absolutely love it!!!
I prayed for God to give me something...a purpose...directly after we listed our house, the rehab mission opened and needed Bible study teachers. After going in and volunteering, I have been blessed beyond comprehension! Not in a physical In a spiritual sense. I have finally returned to my first love....Jesus. The mission wasn't just for addicts....I feel it was for me, too.
So we are still here at the lakehouse….my cottage. We will enjoy what God has in store for us, and be blessed.....and maybe change a few things...while keeping our hearts intact.
Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. It is so important to stay true to yourself. I think people believe life is a reality show these days! People unless they have an eye for decor cannot see past decor, so if I ever wanted to sell, I would put it in storage, but that is expensive. I've been cleaning ours and have given some nice pieces away. But it all worked out for the better, Debbie, and you found a calling, and that's worth it. Somethings happen for a reason. The porches sound so exciting, and I really loved your message here today. Welcome back! xoxo Su

  2. So very, very good to see a post from you Debbie. I am glad that you feel settled. It is true, when people look at a house most can't see past the colors or decorations on the inside. It's a shame but that it what it is. The right person just didn't come along..but maybe they weren't supposed to. I am glad that you found your way back "home" to where your heart belongs. God was calling you and you answered. That rehab mission sounds like it was meant for you---so that is why you are still there, I bet. Can't wait to see the porches! xo Diana

  3. You are so right! But many people can't even see past paint color....let alone decor. We have sold several houses in past years, and unfortunately a lot of people disrespect the house itself.....leaving lights on, turning off a dehumidifier, leaving doors unlocked, using the toilet... You really have to be on top of things! Your cottage is lovely, and being in God's will is always the best place there is to be.

    1. Hello Carol...thank you very much for visiting here at lakehouse. I love your comment about being in God's will being the best place to be!! What a beautiful statement! Have a wonderful week!

  4. I have always loved your home. You are so right about people talking about how one decorates when they sell. They should look at the home and not the decorating. They are not buying it. So good to see you posting again. I have been away from blogging for some time now, but now starting to read my favorite blogs again.

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Oh my gosh about the buyers being so rude. I had a few of those the last time we sold our house. They could not get past my decor or white walls. What?!!! White was are as neutral as you can get and they could make the walls whatever color they wanted. NO dark colors to have to do layers of paint over. I blame the realtors sometimes on these situations like yours. They should be doing their job and instructing the buyers to look past the decor and look at the upgrades and features of the home. So I get your frustration. I think it is the age of some of the buyers in the market now too. They want everything move in ready to plop down their furniture and begin to live. No one wants to make it their own special touch. Crazy. I believe that things work out for a reason and maybe it is in the plans that you stay put for now. Your sweet cottage is gorgeous and if I were looking in your area I would have bought it in a minute. I am glad your computer is working and you are back posting. Missed you. Happy Friday and Have a good weekend. The work you are doing with the bible study sounds so heart warming and such a good fulfillment for you. Congrats more people like you are needed. Glad you found this to do.

  6. I've missed you and your blog. SO happy to see you're back.

    I don't know how anyone can NOT like your house. You have the best decorating taste of anyone I know. I can tell you this tho - when we decided to move last year we emptied most of our stuff out of the house, which I really didn't want to do because I hate listing an empty house. But we did it because of moving out of state. Then we had every room repainted and went with light grey and light blue for the rooms, with white ceilings throughout. I don't know if that made a difference or not but we sold the house in less than 3 weeks. Go figure.

    Who knows why things happen when they do? I just try to trust in God to lead me in the right direction. xo

  7. good morning Debbie
    What a treat to sign on this morning and see a blog post from you. Well I agree with you, the buyers should not be looking at your decor that is just crazy. They should be looking at the house. Your cat is beautiful* I am allergic or I would have a cat also. Love your changes in your sweet cottage. I love that you are doing the bible studies, that sure is a Purpose* Enjoy the rest of your winter. Have fun adding on porches, now that sounds wonderful
    love deezie

  8. How rude people can be about things they are not buying never ceases to amaze. I think you have a beautiful home and the style of decor is included in that comment. I am thrilled that you have been blessed with an inner contentment teaching at the rehab centre, God obviously has a plan for you. Blessings.

  9. My dearest love, and you absolutely know you are!! Spending a few days that lasted into the most heart freeing late late nights, oh who is kidding who, early mornings this past summer with you were one of the most heart and soul and eye opening times in my life! If I ever had the chance to move out on my own your cottage house is my DREAM place!! There's just something about the presence of peace within the walls. And every stick of furniture, dish, cloth spoke of love and peace to me. Why? First off it was touched by your loving and caring hands then placed in just the perfect place at the perfect angle. As I walked from room to room I was an awesome of your ability to make things look picture perfect! Why do you think your home has been chosen so many times to be displayed between the pages of those magazine's? And that's how the real estate agent should have presented it! "This home has been presented in multiple magazines..." That would have set things up for how special and unique of a sanctuary they would be entering into! What they're asking of you when telling anyone to remove what you present in your own home is, you're not like everyone else and they're not going to like this so please remove your presence from here! NO!! Empty your expectations and open your eyes to the possibilities of any home you step into is my advice to others!! I would WANT to know who had lived within the walls of somewhere I would be calling home! And on the flip side I would want to know who would be making their home within the walls I put so much work and love into! Your "about me" in the blog section speaks of "a cottage like, shabby chic, Vintage, linens, candles" etc. THAT is parts of you! Asking you to rid YOUR home of these things is absolutely taking away who you are!! It would be like dating someone and they suggest you change this and that about yourself before they would ever consider marriage!! Knowing me, which you do deeply, you know what my suggestion would be!! And that my love is the stance I would tell you to take with your home. Make only the changes you would if you were staying. They want certain other things, let them do them themselves! And I have no doubt God has everything in place and it's just not His timing yet. I believe when they see all the beautiful flowers in bloom, the perfect people will be in line to buy your home judj as it is. And don't be surprised if it's ME!! Love you tremendously ❣️

    1. Wow Zelly, thank you for the looooong and heartfelt comment here!! You "get me" girl!! We HAVE filled these walls with some laughter, haven't we?! It's a fun place to spend time, especially in the summer months when the boats go by and the grandkids are laughing and playing out on the beach and in the water!! Where else would we be able to just slide our kayaks in the water like we do here? There have been many, many nights around the campfire when we laughed so hard our cheeks got Charlie horses in them! I am glad we decided not to list again, for now. I am looking forward to more late night laugh fests with you up here, girl! Thank you, again, for the great input on my post! Love ya tons...and I mean tons!!

  10. oh how rude people can be, it goes beyond belief.
    We all have different styles/tastes that is what makes us unique. It would be a sad and boring world if we were all the same!
    Keep faith, this has happened for a reason.
    Suzana from Australia xxx

    1. Hello Suzana...Yes, we all must keep to our own tastes and styles for diversity in the decorating well as personally. Thank you for visiting here at the lakehouse. I so much appreciate your comment.
      Debbie xo

  11. Hi Sweet Debbie, I have missed visiting your blog. Well I like all your pretty things myself. :) I would list saying , this is my stuff, you decorate with your own. LOL. I always find it amazing that some people can't see beyond a paint color even. :) I always like that you showed the water scenes on your blog. You must have a very loving heart to be teaching so much. I will always wish you the best. You touched my life when my daughter went thru cancer, and I have never forgotten your kindness. Blessings to you and yours, love you dear friend, xoxo, Susie

  12. I think your cottage is lovely just as it is. I do know that if you want to sell it needs to be stripped of it's personality (meaning alost empty) or souless. I think this was meant to be and this is where you belong.

    1. Thank you so much for coming to lakehouse and leaving your comment Sheryl. I hate the thought of having to put everything in storage for who knows how long, and then if the house wouldn't have sold anyway, move everything back in...I guess I am just too lazy, and cheap to do Staying here will be okay, since we love living on the water and feel the Lord has something more for us to do here for the time being. Have a nice week.

  13. Your home is truly lovely, warm and cozy.... I wouldn't worry any over those negative comments. Your home is personal filled with the things that make you and your family happy, that's all that matters :-) Cita is beautiful, congratulations on adding her to the family. I just found your blog and I'm following it so will be back again soon. Have a wonderful evening!


  14. I couldn't imagine being rude with the beauty of your home!
    You know, everyone is different and they have their own likes and dislikes, but they need to keep it to themselves.
    I think your sofa looks great with the rest of your decorating.
    Sounds like you have some exciting projects ahead on your home.

    I loved reading about the mission and what you are doing there, praise the Lord!
    May your heart be blessed as you joyfully serve the Lord and reach those who need Him.

    Have a beautiful week ♡

  15. I can not believe people were rude about your beautiful home! Maybe it is just meant for you to be there a while longer.

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