Saturday, September 14, 2019

It was a good day.

A lot of our summer was spent painting the siding of the house.
It was a very light grey, with white trim, and dark grey shutters and doors.
I was hoping to have new porches, and a deck put on....but that will be a project for next year.

Something Jim is working on are these arbors for over the windows.
I saw them online, and asked if he could possibly make something similar to the pictures I saw.
Tada!!!!! This is what he came up with, and I just love them!!
I am hoping that next Spring the Honeysuckle vine will climb over the top of the arbor.
This is the second one he's made.
There are three more windows on the "water side" of the house, and he will make one for over the garage door, also.

I purchased some Fall flowers, and little white pumpkins for the porch.
I'm waiting for the Cinderella pumpkins to arrive at the greenhouse.
I like the pinks and teal green colors with the whites.

The cooler weather usually means more roses will be blooming.
The deer, rabbits, and Japanese beetles have destroyed most of the Summer roses this year.
I put up a scarecrow to, hopefully, deter anymore deer from coming into the garden, and wiping out what roses might bloom this Fall.

Who says a scarecrow has to look scary? AND be skinny?
Mine is not only stylish, she's also a "plus size".....if she's going to be wearing my clothes, than she's going to be wearing an XL!!!
I've been every size, from 122 pounds, to...well, we really don't need to go there....the point I'm trying to make is this: I've been up, down, and all around. I wish I could stay down....but have always fluctuated.

I have my fat clothes, and skinny clothes, and the ones I'm wearing now.
If I can stay somewhere in between, I am okay with it.
It's been a struggle with Crohn's Disease, and the meds I take.....
Anyway.... weight is not my focus anymore. It used to be when I was younger.  I know I should try harder than I do to be healthier.....but I don't.
Seeking joy was my focus today. Looking in the nooks and crannies of each moment. Reaching....up. Leaning in. Searching Scripture. Praying.  Letting God handle the stuff that's out of my control....trusting Him. 
It was a good day.


  1. Right there with you sister in all aspects of what you have written about. Love, love, love your scarecrow Luella, that's the name im giving her 🤗! YouvYo also given me incentive to get my home and life in order. Let's get together soon to talk 😘 love forever and always 💕

  2. I love the over the window arbors. Homeysuckle will be nice. Your scare crow is unusual but may just do the job. I don't worry about weight anymore, I am what I am and hate to diet. I love to cook and like to eat. Life is to short not to enjoy it while we can. Happy End of Summer, it dame too fast!

  3. I love the idea of the window arbors! Have been wanting to do one on my garden cottage for my rose that is growing tall with nothing to hold on to. Great scarecrow! Again, so glad your still at the Lakehouse.

  4. Love your stylin scarecrow.. :0) Very cute. Yep, me, too. I tend to lean toward that "life is short, east desert first" philosophy. lol Love your cottage home..The pumpkins are great. I think thankful and enjoying each day is a good day. My husband and I spent yesterday afternoon with a couple friend..the lady is having huge hallucinations which are so disturbing to her and to their life. She has some type of dimentia and is 82 years old. This lady has her phd and was a college professor, and its so sad to see her life will go away like this. :0( We never know what life will bring to us. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and hope you have a great and blessed next week.. (ps..each Monday I plan to start a low carb just never happens.. lol)..

  5. Debbie, love the scarecrow. Every day is a good day for a good day and I am glad you are having one..Happy Sunday..Judy

  6. LOL I love the scarecrow lady. I am loving these summer temps we are still having. But as you know it can turn on a dime. I will take them as long as they last. Have a good start to the new week.

  7. Love the window arbor's and the beautiful styling on your deck. It would be so nice to sit awhile together and catch up. Impressive and very stylish scarecrow, size is just a number.

  8. good Morning Debbie
    Love the arbors* I had my husband do the exact same here. our newest is over the garage, I even had him make one for over the little cottage in back. Love the way they look. Your outdoor space is so dreamy. Love your scarecrow, she even has earrings* love that so much
    enjoy this glorious day my friend

  9. Hello Dear, A good day is such a sweet gift from the Lord! I really like those window arbors, I want something like that for my front windows! And girl the scarecrow is styling... I believe that each woman must learn to love her body as it is easy to think we all need to look like Barbie "NOT"
    So I want to say that today is a good day for me, I feel good I have strength and counting my blessings. I am going to start finding things outside of the dried up flowers and such and start a potpourri bowl of my yard! Wish I had started sooner with my roses. Have a great week! Hugs, Roxy xoxo

  10. I don't know HOW I have missed these beautiful posts! I will look on purpose in the reading list and find you. I love how you love honeysuckle. I know you are no where near Texas but we have honeysuckle too. It can be considered a weed down here but I love it. Maybe it's not the same as I have....

    That scarecrow lady is fabulous!

    We are painting our house - again - it seems we never finish before it's time to start over. That's because we seem to do everything ourselves. But I think it's close to being time to hire things done. Louis Dean will be 83 soon and I turned 71 yesterday. We can't keep doing everything ourselves.

    Your place looks amazing!!!


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