Thursday, September 19, 2019

Savoring the Summer-like weather.

The Honeysuckle vine is thinning out, and the leaves on the trees are showing signs of Fall.
The weather, however, has been Summer-like for the past week.
The local greenhouse is selling mums and pumpkins.
In order to scoop up the white mums while I could, I went and bought them over the past few days.

The two hanging planters are losing their colors, but they make a nice backdrop for the transition to a Fall porch.

The containers are a mis-match of colors, sizes, and styles....but they aren't the focus right now.
Hopefully, it's the Fall flowers, and little pumpkins that people will notice.
Hoping to add a couple of Cinderella pumpkins to this mix....just waiting a little longer....savoring what's left of this Summer-like weather for a few more days.  


  1. Looks so cute Debbie. I love the little white pumpkins. They make me smile to see them. Your mums are beautiful too. I am savoring this weather too. I know we all want fall but I will continue to enjoy summer as long as it holds on. Happy Thursday.

  2. Your white mums are very pretty and do make a very pretty display! I usually go with the colorful mums, but may have to rethink that. It's been beautiful summer like weather here in Ohio too. We have to enjoy ever one to the fullest because you know winter is coming.

  3. Such a very pretty display, a feast for the eyes.

  4. Hi Debbie. Your mums are really beautiful and look so pretty on the porch. I haven't gotten any yet, and so far no real pumpkins. Hope to this weekend. Thanks for your visit. I love having something that can be added to for each season. That means I don't have to store something when I can't find the room! As much as I love to blog, I think I might love the photography more..Happy Weekend and I really enjoy your visits...xxoJudy

  5. Your happy place is always gorgeous!
    I love the white mums, perfect for your home.

    Joy to you ♡

  6. It is all just beautiful, Debbie-even if I am a little late visiting! We are in the UP of MI so probably close to your weather there. It was hot today- about 80 and really humid.
    Can't wait to see a few all things added. xo Diana

  7. Your home looks glorious! I can't wait to get some mums but oh my here in IL it is still in the 90's and will be again next week! sick of it I want to open the windows not have the air on in October. Send it my way please.

  8. What a perfect porch with the white mums..great idea..I will look for some my way when after this week is done..they sure look great with the white pumpkins. I am going to google Cinderella pumpkins as I am not familiar with that (and educate myself, lol). I like your little table and chairs..I have a small set..dark green..I have been wanting to paint for never take the time out.. Have a great and blessed week, Happy Fall Yall from way too hot NC...Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!!!!

  9. Beautiful, I love what you have done here. I purchased a mum too, I picked out a big orange one this year. :-)
    I will decorate my outdoor deck area over the weekend.
    I really like your white mums. Great idea with what you have created with the white pumpkins.

  10. I love everything about your post! Now I want to buy some white pumpkins!!

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