Thursday, September 5, 2019

Starting to dry flowers....

Oh my.....I can't deny it any longer....Fall is upon us here in Northern/lower Michigan.
Just 14 miles north of here the temperature dropped to 30 degrees last night.
It's time to start cutting the flowers for drying.

A few of the hydrangeas are ready to bring in.
I love loading canning jars with them as they dry for Fall arrangements.

They also look pretty in ironstone pitchers.

The bees were busy as I was cutting the flower heads.

I dry the blooms upright where ever I can find an available spot.
Like on top of the French cup rack.

In sweet little pitchers.

And empty vases.
The bushes are laden with flowers that aren't ready to be cut yet. 
I don't think I'm quite ready to cut ALL the flowers off the bushes. I'm hoping to transition over to the Fall season a little at a time.
The cooler temps means the roses will make another appearance before a hard frost.  That gives me a few extra for drying for wreaths.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. OH Debbie your flowers are gorgeous and they will be so pretty dried too. I am sad to see fall moving in and summer leaving us. We all know what comes after Fall UGH! Have a great evening.

  2. very beautiful. I love the white ones..I have a bush but only colored ones..which are also beautiful. Some kind of black fungus attacked mine this year, but luckily I had already brought in some for drying. I love dried flowers and have some I have had for years..I am such a pack Wow..30 degrees..that was a skip fall temperature..but probably not for your part ... Enjoy the Fall..its another wonderful time of the year. Love the bunny vase and everything.. :0)

  3. Dried flowers are such a blessing. Let's us enjoy them so much loner. I used to do it when I had power beds too. Now I have only flower boxes with not even half the selections and don't dry what I have anymore. Have fun with yours!

  4. Your hydrangeas are lovely. I adore them in every shade.

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Wow, the hydrangeas are beautiful. I love the sweet touches of pink.

  6. Hi Debbie: Today is really feeling like fall. Almost cold enough to turn on the fires! My limelight hydrangeas are all hanging over as the flowers are too big for the stems, so I will cut them but hope it isn't too early. Do you dry yours in water. Sometimes I do and they do well but sometimes they don't, so I never know how they will turn out. Yours all look so pretty in the different vases. Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words. Fall is beginning to take over and I'm glad...Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  7. I always loved the hydrangea and snowball bushes for drying big blooms! They stay beautiful for such a long time. We hang onto summer longer here in the South but I can't complain! I saw a lot of wildflowers when I hiked this morning and they are beautiful too. Enjoy your afternoon!

  8. Those are beautiful!! I keep trying to grow hydrangeas but have yet to succeed. They just do not seem to like Texas all that much.


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