Sunday, January 12, 2020


Do you believe in coincidence?
I don't.
I believe we are exactly where we are supposed to be at just the right time.
Maybe it's for a lesson in humility, or to be used in some other capacity..... to show God's love and mercy at a time needed most for someone else's benefit. 

Have you ever found yourself clothes shopping in a place that you rarely shop at for clothing?
Surrounded by people that you don't necessarily hang around with?
You could hear the conversations of the people around you....their needs.
You realize the lack in their wallets, and pockets, and purses.

You become thankful for what you have, and humbled by the lack all around you.
As an elderly woman counts the change in her purse to see if she can afford the shirt she would like to purchase hanging on the rack at the thrift are aware of her dire situation.
The woman is excited that she has just enough money to pay for the shirt.

If she buys the shirt, she will have no money left in her pocket book.
How long before she gets more money? for the bus, for food, for.....anything?

That's all she had.

When she walked out of the store with her second-hand shirt, she still had the $4.68  in her purse.
God put me in that thrift store at that very moment, for that very purpose......
It wasn't a was His plan.
God's timing is perfect. He takes care of the smallest details to care for His children. 
Sometimes He will work on one's pride, putting us on our knees, to reveal what it is to be used to bless a brother or sister....even in the smallest ways.


  1. I love you, Debbie! God made you an angel.....

  2. How touching and so nice to read your blog post. What a great way to start out 2020. I think we all need to share more kindness. I am a firm believer that God puts people in our paths when we need them most and vice versa. You are a true angel to buy that shirt for that sweet lady. Thank you for being a kind angel to this lady. Keeps us believing that good is in this world.

  3. I agree there are no coincidences . God has a plan for each and every one of us. and it's up to us to go along with it or not.

  4. What a blessing for you both. Beautiful post. I recently had a similar experience as I was waiting for a friend for lunch.. I was in car turned toward console when turned around a very elderly grey lady was almost in tears..asking if I could spare anything as she needed to get some food. She was on foot. I was very startled but saw something of ernest truth and sadness in her..and luckily I had some cash funds on me. I gave her some cash and later saw her walking out of the $tree store with bags..assuming she probably bought frozen or canned foods in there. I felt so sad for her..wondering what her story was and thinking of how blessed I was..being able to dress up and meet a previous work girlfriend for a cooked meal. A lot of times we do not know a person's situation but know if they are in need..there is some struggle behind their lives. Whew. Heartbreaking. The more I thought after she left..I felt guilt thinking maybe I could have been more generous to her since it was near the holiday season :0( ..but I gave her $5, which is usually what we may hand out the window on the street... It is a shame though,..we live in a world where sometimes I am afraid to get out my purse with folks so close that we are not familiar with.. .as I have had folks walk up in the parking lot before.. . Your post was very touching and I know this lady's day was better because God had put you there. :0) ...and I always enjoy your photos and posts. Have a blessed week.

  5. Hello sister Debbie. I am a Pastor from Mumbai, India.I am glad to stop by your profile on the blogger and the blog post. I am also blessed and feel privileged and honoured to get connected with you as well as know you and about your interest in God the creator and His inspired Word. I am so delighted to visit your blog post which has lesson to learn and acknowledge the fact that it is not a coincident but God's purpose. I am ecouraged by your post. and also see those lovely piectures of vintage display. I love getting connected with the people of God around the globe to be encouraged strengthened and praying for one another. I have been in the Pastoral ministry for last 40 yrs in this great city of Mumbai a city with a great contrast where richest of rich and the poores of poor live. We reach out to the poorest of poor with the love of Christ to bring healing to the brokenhearted. We also encourage young and the adults from the west to come to Mumbai to work with us during their vacation time. we would love to have young poeple from your family, friends or church circle come to Mumbai to work with us during their vacation time. I am sure they will have a life changing experience. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. God's richest blessings on you, your family and friends also wishing you and your family a blessed and a Christ centered New year 2020. My email idis: dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede.

  6. Thank you for doing that. It makes a world of difference. A few weeks ago I was blessed to be able to pay for a prescription for a baby when the mother did not have enough money and wanted to buy enough for two days treatment-which they would not allow. She started bawling, threw her arms around me and said that God had sent me there just when she needed Him. We are blessed indeed, Debbie.