Friday, January 31, 2020

Passing on our passions.

What are your passions?
What do you love doing?
Spending time with our families is usually at the top of our list, right?
Of course, God is at the very top of our list when it comes to our passion, love, and eternal He not?
For some of us, it takes years to realize once we put God number one in our lives, then everything else falls into place.

When our priorities are in order, the desires of our heart naturally fall into place.
My Grandma loved to cook and bake, and she was good at both.
It brought joy to her heart when her family enjoyed the dishes, and desserts she lovingly prepared for them.
Every holiday we all looked forward to the many pies Grandma would bake: apple, pumpkin, cherry, mincemeat, etc.

Whenever I spent time with her, Grandma was always making something.
I learned to cook, and bake; and I love doing both for my own family.

Something else I learned was how important reading the Bible was to my Grandma.
When I was visiting her at the cottage, everyday at 1:00 was her time to read.
I could sit and listen to her read the Scripture, or go outside and play for an hour.
When I got older, I could listen, or go take a walk.
We would talk after wards.
Grandma told me about how she prayed for all of her grand children's salvation.
She loved Billy Graham. Grandma watched his revivals whenever she could see them on television.
I know some of my siblings, and cousins did not like Grandma....for whatever reasons they have.
Yet, there are others that love her as I do.

I hope to be that witness to my own grandchildren that my Grandma was to me.  I want to be that prayer warrior for my family that she was for us.
I ask to be an example, to my daughters, of a Godly Grandma was for me.

I hope to pass on the desire to serve each other, even if it's a passion for baking and cooking  for family members...not just at special events, and holidays...but when it's needed during difficult times. Or, just because.

While doing something we love, spending time together, hopefully we will remember to share our faith in God. Letting our loved ones know where we stand.
Telling them what our focus is.....Who is number One in our life, and why.
Having the courage to pray with our family members.
Thanking God for the blessings, and provisions, and each and every person in our life.
Taking the opportunity to lead them to the truth about Jesus.
Spending time with our loved ones, and passing on those things we love to do, our passions.....can reveal so much more about ourselves than we could ever imagine.


  1. Nice post Debbie. Remembering our faith in all that we do will teach those around us how important this is in everyday life. This world is ever changing but one thing that stays consistent is our faith and belief in God. I hope my daughters and granddaughters will remember my belief and love of God beside all the other things I teach them. Happy Friday.

  2. What an uplifting post. I do hope that my children and grandchildren will remember me for the love I have for our sweet Lord and for them.

  3. Like you my grandmother was a big part of my life and is my hero The taught me much that I'd never have known without her. We have it so much easier in many ways than they did, but still we need to remember the important things in life, Faith family and friends. I could only wish to be half as good as she was.

  4. HOw wonderful to have the memories of your grandma. I adore your kitchen and all the lovely cooking and baking goodies, old and new that grace your happy place in the kitchen. Mine is much smaller, but just as full of memories of my mom. Unfortunately, my grandmother's passed away when I was very young, and never got to know them. But my mom, was a Martha Stewart, before Martha was born. I learned so much from her and miss her every day. Thanks for sharing your kitchen and love of baking and your love go our precious Lord and Savior and His Word.

  5. What a lovely post dear Debbie, I agree with the heart of the home and passion must come from those that pass on the baton of love for Christ and homemaking and reading the Word! I was blessed to have a Mother and Grandmother that taught me how to clean and cook and bake and to keep a home! But sharing Christ is not something I remember being that important. Just Christmas and Easter Church. But so thankful God had plans for me and my life. Your kitchen just opens its heart and says come and dine with me, lets bake up some memories and magic!!
    I also spied with my little eye your beautiful array of aprons, so glad to see the one I made you hanging with the others!!!
    Loved seeing you and being with you...
    Hugs, Always Roxy

  6. Another beautiful post. I love your kitchen and the mixers. I have a red one but rarely use it..I wish I were a better baker. My Mom was much like your Grandmother..loving to cook for her Family. When I look back I surely wonder how she and my mother n'law were able to prepare huge Family meals long in life. I think they were able because it was their calling in life and what they loved.. I wish I were more like that but I get so stressed out.. All of your decor is always so beautiful. I love the vintage aprons, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts.