Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Catching up....

What has happened to blogger?
I am having an awful time with it!!
I guess the loss of the use of my computer set me back a little.
Hopefully things will improve as I work out the bugs.
Since I have been away for a while, I thought I would share some of the things that I did these past few weeks.
I dried quite a few flowers over the summer, and put together some bouquets.

I've had this nest for a long time. Adding dried roses made it look a lot different.

Using sea glass, and shells from Sanibel Island, this old window sash got a make over. The photo isn't the best because of too much back lighting from outside. Even the crab shells were used.

The Hydrangea bushes gave me LOTS of blossoms to dry this year!
I plan to put together a couple of wreaths with some of them.
(notice the string of orange lights in the doorway) 
I used warm Fall colors for this years decorating, and the lights give a wonderful glow in the evenings.
The days of decorating with all "white", for me, have passed.
Not saying that I have abandoned all use of seems that adding a little color the past couple of years, turned into a "thing" for me.
The cottage seems to have a MORE eclectic look nowadays....or maybe a more "old lady" look???


  1. The seaglass is just gorgeous with the sun streaming in! I love your home and all the pretty things. I would just love to peek at all of your decor! Enjoy your afternoon!

  2. I love your seaglass window. I want to do one. I collect seaglass from the beach nearby.
    Also, I would like to dry flowers. My hydrangea plants didn't grow well this year. It's been dry here. I think I have to move them to a better location.
    I love your home, nice style. Happy Autumn. Thelma.

  3. Debbie, your cottage always looks so pretty and I love all the dried posies that you have collected. The shell and sea glass on the window pane is really beautiful especially with the light coming through. My hydrangeas didn't do well at all this summer on most of the bushes, but one did produce a lot of blooms that I picked and dried and think I might use them on the Christmas tree this year..Stay well..xxoJudy

  4. P.S What font do you use on the new blogger? I love the cursive style and would like to change up my plain, old, print..xxoJudy

  5. Welcome BACK!!! Oh, how you have been missed!
    I will love whatever you do - white or pretty colors! Nothing stays the same. I feel myself changing directions in my decorating, too. It's rather exciting, don't you think??
    Love you and I think I missed a post so I am going in search of it now.

  6. All your dried flowers are gorgeous. The sea glass is so pretty in the window. Glad you found some wonderful beautiful and creative things to make for your sweet cottage home. Hugs. Kris

  7. Color does add a lot especially this time of year with the shorter days. We need it for sure ! Your white only enhances it more and more and you've done a lovely job with the flowers and the seagrass. Looks like just the right mix!

  8. I love your look....whatever it is...we should do what we love...thats what I always do and say. :) The dried flowers are great. I found a few pieces of sea glass this year at NC Beach...the sea is full of wonderful treasures..Thanks for sharing. Glad you are back..

  9. Hi,
    Your home is lovely. I LOVE, LOVE the window. I have an area in my home that I have decorated with all the treasures I have found on the shores of my visits to Lake Superior beaches.