Thursday, October 29, 2020

Adding color.

Fall was not my favorite season.
Probably because I would dread what came afterwards....Winter.
This year my idea of "life" has changed.
It's only taken 66 years to figure it out.....learning to enjoy each moment of life, in any season.
The weather here has been cold, and dreary. We don't see much of the sun, compared to Summer.
It would always make me sad, because I am such a Summer person.
I was outside yesterday, and found these gorgeous roses on the arbor.
If something this beautiful can bloom in the most dreary weather.....than so can I.

Even for Fall decor, I chose white.
Seeing all of the warm colors of Fall, outside, made me realize I could have that same warm, cozy feeling on the inside of the house.
There are so many interesting things in nature that are worth enjoying each and every day.
Not trying to take away from those that prefer neutrals, and whites. I have decorated that way for YEARS.

This "change" began last year.....transitioning to...and adding more color to the palette. 

I will, probably, always lean more toward white in decorating...but am developing a taste for more.

It started when we bought the sectional for the living room.
It was more for comfort, and durability that I chose the sofa that we have now.
We have a large family, and my husband loves to stretch out while watching television.
I ended up choosing a charcoal/green color, instead of white slipcovers. And the style is more "modern" looking than I have chosen in the past.
It took me about a year to stop covering the sofa with white sheets, and quilts to brighten it up.
Now, I leave it as is.

The entire house had to be "in order", and follow a theme as far as decor goes.
Maybe it's because I am really old now, or I just don't care????
Or maybe, I realized that living doesn't need so much, as far as being extremely structured, is concerned.
It feels good to relax, and enjoy being free of restraints.
I don't have a craft room.
Every time I worked on a project, I would pull all the things I needed out, and put it all away at the end of the day.
I am now using my desk to do "whatever" it is I decide to do at a given moment. I keep it orderly, but NOT "sterile" any more.
If I choose to paint, draw, write a letter, etc. everything is there at the ready.
I am choosing to be less rigid, and it feels nice.  Living is not meant to be such a "chore"'s to be enjoyed~
No one else lives here, except Jim and I.  So why do I worry about what everything looks like to someone else?
As long as things don't turn into a "blight" situation, I will not become a slave to "appearances" anymore. lol.
If I add color, it's okay.
I used to be strictly Shabby Chic. Now I consider myself to be "eclectic". Or maybe early American garage's all good.
I have always been "a work in progress".....
Jesus loves us as unique individuals. Thank God above for that!!!!
p.s. I may need a bigger desk for my sewing machine, and supplies.


  1. You sound a little like me. As I have gotten older I have decided to downsize a lot. It has become hard to clean, so I took a look at my decorating and decided I could get rid of a lot of things. Years ago I like pastels and than went toward warm colors and now I am into blues and white, except for my crafts room and it is still bright colors.

  2. I am right on board with you. We have downsized and have made a very tiny house work for us. We do not need as much as we did raising kids etc. It is just my husband and myself and our dog. So much better as I get older to have less to keep up and worry about. Love your sweet roses found. My roses are hanging on even with a few snow flurries! Happy Friday have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  3. I totally agree with you. I've relaxed a lot in my decorating. We downsized 3 years ago from a larger home and a lake cottage to just the lake cottage. It took me a while to appreciate having less. I really missed my dining room. But I love our little cottage so much now. And in these days of Covid, we haven't had any company except for our kids so I've relaxed things even more! Now if I could only get my husband to load the dishwasher the right way-wait!! I think I need to let that go, too!

    1. Hello Ellen....our cottage is small, compared to the farmhouse we moved from....we made concessions on space to live on the water, and it's been so worth it...except not having horses anymore, and cattle, and chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, etc. I still have bunnies. lol. xo

  4. Glad you decided so add the color. It does help! We need color more and more these dark days. it's just me here most of the time and even though i do have a nook for crafting, my house definitely looks well lived in. As long as things are comfortable and cozy i think others would find it comfortable too. our homes should be our refuge from the storms of life.