Thursday, November 5, 2020

Enjoying life.

We had a snowstorm for Halloween this year!
Thank goodness the temps came back up, and the white stuff has all melted..
We are still adding Fall decor here at the lakehouse....getting ready for Thanksgiving.

We worked on this cute scarecrow, trying to get it done on time for Fall.
I had one a few years ago, and used it outside.. The wind smashed it to the ground, and I have wanted to "remake" him for a long time.
I think we will be keeping this one inside for this season.

The sun is shining, and the temps should reach almost 70.
Our normal for this time of year is the mid 40's.

A friend of mine, Pat, is helping me accomplish something that I have wanted to do for years.
Being inside because of the weather/season, and the covid issue, I have the time to work on water colors. I have worked with acrylics for years, but water color is a different technique.
I bought ALOT of supplies to get started, and work on projects to learn this art. 

Another thing I have picked up again is knitting. I don't do any fancy stitches...mostly straight knit and pearl.. 
There are many things you can do with just the two stitches that I know, so I am starting to look for projects that will work with "what I know".
I am enjoying so many of the things that I used to do, and new things, as well.  
God blesses us with talents, and gifts. If we can use those talents to bless others, how wonderful!! If we use our gifts to minister to others, even better!!!
I am loving life....yet know that what is to come is even a greater experience to be had!!!!
I am consciously determined 
to go on, inspite of all of the negative situations happening in these days. I trust that God is in control, and that He has a plan.  I am determined to trust Him!
As life unfolds, there are many things to be grateful joyfully is the key. 
Do the things that you enjoy doing. Live life to the fullest. Find joy in everything. 
and know beyond any doubt, that you are assured eternity IN CHRIST JESUS.
Debbie xxxooo


  1. Your scarecrow is so cute. I just put my halloween things up and fall things back out. Can't believe how fast this year went, even with all the covid things. Keep up the good attitude, we all need that.

  2. Thank you for these encouraging words. I have been in a bit of a slump today. Even though I have purposely looked for beauty in my life today - and found so much of it - I still slid back into a slump from time to time. I suppose the key is not to stay there but to lift oneself up and be a blessing wherever and however and to whomever we can. I shall follow your example! Onward and upward!

  3. Love the scarecrow and I love that you are keeping busy with fun things. The water colors and also knitting. I am glad you are finding creative outlets during Covid. Our numbers in Illinois are soooo high. Very scary.

  4. You are doing so well at keeping busy there. I am still reading books more than anything else and haven't found that creative mode.Hopefully 'll get out of this slump soon. I love your scarecrow and the painting. I only knit the simple stitches too and do have projects that are unfinished waiting for me. You inspire me too do more.

    1. I think this election limbo has a few people in a slump...I was on the verge of crying on Tuesday. Since then, I determined to make myself get busy, and accomplish something. I am sure this is all a part of God's plan, and I need to trust In Him. Thank you for visiting, and leaving your wonderful comment. xo

  5. Can't believe you had a "white Halloween". :wow"... Loved your post and I am praying I can let it go for which I have no control, and truly keep remembering that God is in control. Love all your decor..Life is better when we keep busying doing creative and/or useful things. Have a great weekend..the rest of ..

  6. We had snow the week before Halloween here.. and this week, we are getting our second snowstorm, it is coming tonight. I guess this is going to be a wild winter! I just love being creative, it really helps the soul! Your knitting project is pretty and colorful, and you are doing a beautiful job with your painting too! It feels good to be creative. Your home looks so lovely, all decked out for Fall! Many blessings to you dear friend!