Tuesday, November 10, 2020

My cousin, Lisa.

 We've experienced  Indian Summer these past few days. How glorious to see all the sunshine, and feel the warmth. in the air.
Even in this time of confusion for so many, God's presence has been like a breath of fresh air!
My dear cousin, Lisa, and I have been talking back and forth over the past few days.
Memories have been flooding our hearts and minds. Some fun, and some not so wonderful.
Our childhoods were extremely difficult. 
Things happened that left scars, and pain.
God did, however, bring into our thoughts some times of fun, and laughter as we grew up. Lisa and I spent a lot of time together as young children....and into our teens.
She was more like a sister, then a cousin to me.

Even as young mom's, we spent time together. Lisa lived just one block away from me, and what a blessing that was!!

The hardships of the past, affect who we are today.
I am grateful that God has taken all the circumstances, and situations from my past and has used them for His Glory.
Jesus helps us move beyond the painful memories, and brings us hope and healing to the deepest wounds of our hearts.

The two of us, Lisa and I, cherish our families, and are stronger because of the obstacles we faced.
We learned what NOT to be, and are so blessed to have people in our lives that love and appreciate us for who we are.

I thank God for His love and grace. 
My relationship with Him has grown more intimate over time. 
"And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast." 1 Peter 5:10
Joel 2:22 tells us that God restores to us the years the locust have eaten.
Whatever we have experienced, Jesus loves us and will restore us.
I am so glad to have my cousin, Lisa.
She understands my past, and loves me through all of it.
She is a kind and gentle soul.....put in my life to encourage, and accept me as I am.

Some of us choose to learn from our past, and some choose to remain victims.  
Having Jesus in my heart has had a profound affect on who I have become....in spite of the past.
In Christ Jesus.
Debbie xo


  1. You are blessed to have a cousin who you've been friends with through the years. My cousins and I were close as children and have many happy memories but as adults we've not kept in touch. Thankfully I do have a sister that is very close and we share those memories of years gone by. Hope you enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Very good post Debbie. It is amazing how one family member like your cousin Lisa could make those hard times in childhood more manageable. Helped you to learn that you can rely on someone for good and love and not everyone is out to hurt you. Great lesson you learned growing up so you did not stay a victim and did not become like the people that hurt your heart. I agree Faith has a lot to do with it. Glad you have your faith to hang onto and know you are in good hands and have bigger purpose. Hope you have a nice time getting ready for Thanksgiving. Hugs. Kris

  3. Dear Debbie, thank you for your love and support throughout my life. Your uplifting spirit, accomplishments, commitment to God and family are truly inspirational given the horrors you endured. You a remarkable person. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I could not have survived without you back then or now. Your allowing me to bring back terrible memories regardless of how painful they are for both of us helped me. Sometimes the hurt is still there and I desperately need someone to cry with even though it is selfish on my part. But you remain my go-to-person without hesitation. And for that, I love you and thank you.

  4. I just read this post. So nice that you and your Cousin were not only blood relatives but best friends, too. This remeinds me of a good friend of mine who also was best Friends with her Cousin growing up...as she, too went through some things in childhood she should not have had to experience..and her Cousin was always there for her. She always shares stories of their childhood and then their teenage years..and its always so fun to hear of the bonding stories..sounds like your Cousin, too. Glad you have found Peace through our God above. I always love your inspirational posts..Thank you and have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!