Saturday, November 14, 2020


What a gorgeous day!
It's a little chilly, but the sun is shining, and we have a light wind.
The water is clear,  and the ducks are bobbing up and down as the water flows beneath them.

With the threat of another shut down looming in our future, I decided to pick up a few things at the grocery store.....some canned goods, and boxed items.
The grocery store where I shop was loading up their shelves, possibly getting ready for the upcoming holiday.  I was able to get some items that weren't available in previous trips to the store.

With the time change, and the early sunsets, the house is cozy in the evenings.  Fall colored lights, and candles flickering give the house a warm glow.

Working on Christmas projects, puts me in the mood to slowly transition the decor to Christmas.
Our tree usually goes up Thanksgiving weekend.
My bff, Sue, and I worked on reindeer last night. After finishing this one up, I didn't want to put him away until next week, so here he sits.....

Our women's Bible study this morning was wonderful!!
Everyone is becoming more comfortable sharing, and it's such a blessing to see people encouraging one an other.
Our prayer time is becoming more intense.
It amazes me how God orchestrates every meeting to meet the need, or needs of each person there.
I look forward to meeting every Saturday morning, and experiencing His presence among us.

Enjoy every moment of each day, and realize even the smallest blessings.....have a great Saturday evening. xo


  1. I am trying to get use to the time change and it getting dark so early. Your home looks so cozy and warm. I put up my tree today and it looks so pretty with the twinkle of the lights tonight. Have a good weekend.

  2. You are blessed with a beautiful home, so cosy and inviting. I do miss our bible study meetings but sadly we are not able to get together due to the pandemic. Our prayers meetings are done via Zoom which is better than nothing.

  3. Hello,
    I always love when you welcome us into your home. Did your state lock down? Our governor made a suggestion to do so.. but did not actually lock us down. I am not sure if that will change this week?

  4. Hi..just have seen this always, so enjoyable. Wow..the reindeer is so cute..You have a lot of craft and art talent, it seems. :0) .. Your home looks so cozy and looks inviting for the holidays and for Fall and Winter. Enjoy the Season.. Pretty. Thanks for sharing the uplifting posts, always.