Friday, October 23, 2020

Seasons of Hope.

Fall here at the lake has been very rainy, windy, and cold.
I am so grateful that Summer was filled with sunshine and warm temperatures.
The leaves have been falling, with the help of the wind, at a steady pace.
Each passing day brings us closer to the season of Winter.

The water levels have gone down dramatically this year, so all the rain we are getting will, hopefully, help with that issue.
We live on one of the canals that go out to the lake. It is quieter, for the most part, than being right on the lake. Except on the days that are too windy to be out on the water....we get a lot of boat traffic in the canals with people that want to enjoy their boats, and the sunshine.
We have our own beach for the kids. Most homes have a full seawall across their property. I think we are one of two homes that have a beach in our subdivision. 
We love it!
Having the boat right out our door is wonderful!!
We have two docks built into the seawall, as well.
It's a perfect spot for outdoor living.

We really LOVE Summer here.
After all of the boats are stored for the winter, the canal looks pretty empty.

There are a lot of colorful trees to enjoy in the early months of Fall.
Plus, the changes in the gardens add interest to the landscape.

What few flowers are left are drenched with the rain.

I will miss the pretty colors of the flowers over the long Winter months.
But with each season, there is always hope.
There is beauty all around with each change.
The excitement of the Fall colors. That first snowfall brings delight, because we know the holidays are approaching.
Every Spring brings new life into the gardens. 
Summer is filled with laughter, and people enjoying the outdoors.
Even the long season of Winter has activities to enjoy.
Hopefully, I will have days to get out and snowshoe.
I actually love a good old Michigan blizzard!  Being snowed in with the house all decorated for the holidays. Baking cookies, and making soup. Sipping on a latte as I read my Bible, and pray.
Life is filled with so much hope.....most importantly.....the hope of spending eternity with the Creator of all things.
Look for the smallest blessing in each day, of every season.
God is good!!!
All the time!!


  1. It's so nice to have you back! We live on a lake in MI too. A much smaller one, but big enough for ski boats and jet skis. The summer is great, but Fall is so nice and quiet. I also love the seasons in MI. Each one brigs so much excitement. I love our beautiful state! We are just west of Chelsea.

    1. Thank you, so much, for your comment, Ellen. I didn't realize you are from Chelsea. We lived in Fowlerville before moving to Houghton Lake. We love that whole area! Being able to live in a state that has so many lakes, especially being surrounded by the Great Lakes, is awesome!! xo

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  2. I bet it is so nice in the summer to see all the fun and activities going on. Fall looks pretty too. I am a summer girl and miss it already. Hope we have a little more fall before winter moves in. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

  3. You do live in a beautiful place and have plenty of sights to behold. Yes, every season brings signs of hope and we should never give up on it. There is a time for everything under heaven.

  4. Debbie, you live in a very beautiful area. It must be wonderful to have the water and all the enjoyment you get out of it right at your back door. I bet the seasons are gorgeous. We haven't had any rain but the wind is picking up, which is nothing to look forward to anymore in California. They are turning off our power again next Tuesday..Stay well..xxoJudy

  5. Fall is beautiful in your neighborhood. So glad you have enjoyed some lovely days. You make the coming winter sound so cozy! But I'm sure it's because you make it that way.

  6. So good to catch up with you Debbie! What a beautiful summer you have enjoyed, spending the days at the lake sounds just wonderful! It seems the summer season rushes by so quickly! So much to do in such a little amount of time, but we live and love and enjoy every moment that we have! Winter has already come here... we got 7" of snow yesterday. Fall has been cut short, but still the beauty of the snow is amazing. I hope you get to enjoy some of Fall there, the colors on the trees are beautiful! Much love to you dear friend!

  7. Debbie, I love reading your blog. This post is so hopeful, and we are needing that. I liked seeing your pictures too. I am not a big fan of winter and the older I get the more I dread the cold and snow. I guess it's because shoveling the drives is really work now. LOL. I am happy you enjoyed your summer. I know that breezes near water are heavenly. Stay safe and care there. Blessings to you dear friend, xoxo,love Susie

  8. It is SO spectacular that! Just beautiful! I've lived in a lot of different places and always make the most of where I am. And it's always nice to make our homes cozy and comfy! Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. What a beautiful post, Debbie. Although I don't like being out in the cold weather AT ALL-I do love a good blizzard (as long as I know everyone is safe) and that feeling of nesting and being warm and surrounded by coziness. I miss living on the water-there is nothing like it in the world. It is ever changing. xo Diana

  10. I enjoyed this post Debbie. I like winter. I enjoy snowshoeing and cross country skiing. I like the peace of winter, a slow snow fall while I am skiing. Many times skiing or snowshoeing I have come along animals,deer, mice, voles, rabbit and otter, it has always been a special time.
    Your home is lovely and the outdoor area looks like a wonderful place to make memories.

  11. WOW, you live in a beautiful place. I envy you.

  12. Wow..looks like a true Paradise for all Seasons. Beautiful post and sounds like a great sanctuary, even for the Winter. :0)