Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Early Summer....

We went from freezing, to near 90 degree temps in just a week!
I will not complain. I LOVE Summer!!
We are in a drought situation, however, so it's a good thing we are on the water. We can irrigate with the canal water.
So far, this has been a good year for the flower gardens.
Everything is growing very large! lol.
I am able to dry lots of different roses already. Even the new roses ordered from Heirloom Roses!!

I was deadheading roses yesterday, and just cannot part with the spent roses.
The house is full of little containers that have roses, and peonies in them. 

I love the pink peonies, but the white ones are the most fragrant for me.
My computer is right next to this pitcher that is filled with them, and they smell heavenly.

This is the tray I keep ready for outside dining.
It even holds flowers to enjoy.
The white roses are just beautiful this year!

When deadheading roses, some of the stems are really short, so using vintage sugar bowls to hold them works well for me.

The mini solar lights are on the pergola.
Jim has the smaller strips of wood to put across the top yet....but I love the way it looks in the evenings with the tiny lights on.
The hanging lanterns will be added once the top is finished.
I found Martha Stewart seat cushions at TJ Max last week.
I am enjoying the early Summer here at the lake. 
If we can keep the rabbits and deer from eating the flowers, and vegetables....I will enjoy it even more!!  lol.
Have a blessed day!!


  1. I am like you Debbie when the flowers are almost done I still have to bring them in to enjoy. The white peonies this year are so fragrant. We have the purple ones here on this property and they do not smell as great as the white. We need the rain too. We have the same weather here in Illinois as you do in Michigan. This is crazy to have August weather in early June. I cannot complain either because I love summer. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  2. Beautiful ideas to display the flowers. I love your outdoor space.
    Enjoy the garden my friend!

  3. I dead head the roses too because it is good for them, but like you, I sure hate to part with them. I love the pergola. I keep thinking I want to invest in those string solar lights! xoxo Su

  4. Such beautiful ways to display the stunning roses. The sugar bowl is the perfect container for shorter stems, the perfect container.