Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Happy May!

This morning I got a call from a blogging friend that I've known for a long time.
Her name is Roxy, and her blog is Living from Glory to Glory.
God knows when we need to hear from a sister in Christ for encouragement, and Godly advice.
What a great conversation we had!

After talking to Roxy, I went outside to sit in the flower garden for a while.
Every morning, my prayer closet (the garden) is where you will find me.
After spending time with the Lord, I start to work weeding, watering and deadheading.

Roses are brought inside to freshen up containers, and some are used to dry for wreaths.

Being in Alabama means a longer growing season, so enjoying the roses earlier is a huge blessing for me!

The flowers that are too far along are added to the wreath around the iron bunny found at the wonderful little shop I discovered north of here!
They will dry, and add more color for later in the season.

The Blue Salvia dries really well with Lavender.  I was happy to find a white Salvia plant recently. 
There will be four Sage plants for me to be able to take cuttings from this year.
Using Sage in wreaths, along with Oregano as a base adds beauty, and fragrance.
Sending you thoughts of Spring and Sunshine where ever you are!!
Happy May!


  1. Happy May to you too! How wonderful to have a friend like that to inspire you! I would love to be sitting outside in a flower garden, but we haven't warmed up enough. They say by the weekend we'll be warming up and I'm looking forward to it. My kids are supposed to be coming in for weekend to plant some flowers for me. I sure do enjoy all the bright colors. It's been gloomy and cold here far too long. We've even had some snow adding to the mix. Snow in May is for the birds! Hope we'll be able to sit out and watch the flowers grow soon!

  2. Happy May!! I enjoyed your photos. We are finally warming up here. This week we will be able to get a good start in the garden. I cannot wait!!!
    xx oo