Friday, May 5, 2023

Memories we learn from.

When my daughters were young our favorite show was Little House on the Prairie.
I even sewed aprons like the ones Laura and Maw wore. 
My middle daughter Erin wore braids, and a prairie skirt with the apron and bonnet I made when she dressed for "favorite author day" in grade school.

Erin read all of the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

My youngest daughter Melissa's girls loved the same books.'
They lived in Howell, Michigan as did Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie.

Melissa and the girls were out selling Girl Scout cookies one day, and who do you think stopped to purchase some cookies?!
Laura Ingalls!!!
Well, actually Melissa Gilbert.
Melissa and the girls were thrilled!

What a memory!

We all have special memories, don't we?
Some good, some not so much.
Experiences and situations that will stand out forever in our hearts and minds.
For whatever reason, we go through things that either bring us joy, or sorrow.
Either way, we take something away with us.

Even in the most terrible of circumstances, we learn something.
Being raised by an abusive mother was painful emotionally and physically.
There were many times when I would ask God why he put me in that place?!
I did not understand why my friends had loving moms that hugged them, SAID they loved them, kissed them, and even braided their long hair.
My friends' moms did not call them awful names, or say they were useless, or tell them they didn't care where they went.
There was not a razor strap hanging, that was used  often.

Everything can be a learning experience...even the things that seem difficult.
I knew what kind of a mom that I did not want to be.
I did not want to be like the mother that I had.
I wanted to give my children all of the things that I longed for as a child.

I was not perfect.
I made plenty of mistakes along the way.
I was not, however, going to do those things that I knew would break a child's heart and spirit!

I still mess up.
I don't have it right.
I am not like Maw Ingalls.
God has, however, restored the years the locust have eaten! Joel 2:25.
Praise God!! 


  1. First of all, a BIG HUG for you. I get it. MY mom had mental illness that I guess we just never knew she had until she committed suicide 16 years ago. She was physically abusive to me but she also had a loving side which was confusing to me as a child. Needless to say I did walk on eggshells around her, never wanting to get on her bad side. Once I had my boys, I went to therapy for years so that I would never become my mom. The good news is I have a wonderful loving relationship with my sons.

    Joel 2:25 is one of my favorites.

    I really enjoyed your post - your words and the beautiful photos and wow what a visit from Mellissa Gilbert. I still have my Little House on The Prairie books.

    Take Care and God Bless.

  2. I tsp had a mother that taught me what I didn't want to be to my children, still there were times I may have sounded just like her and I would catch myself and remember. Your garden is just beautiful I so enjoyed seeing all the blooms.