Saturday, June 19, 2010

Evening at the lakehouse

Good evening lovies~~~~what a wonderful time of day here at the lakehouse.
I was putting the fresh from the outside linens on the bed, and happened to look out the window. I caught a glimpse of the sun just as it was going down over the trees. AND hubby was out there watering the cottage garden for me.
The window box looks just as pretty from the inside as the outside.

It's so still and quiet, with just a single bird chirping his song.

What a peaceful feeling to know that God has everything under control. I had an overwhelming sense of joy as I watched from the bedroom window as life unfurled just a few feet away.
I didn't intend to post anything this weekend....but couldn't resist sharing such a gorgeous evening with you.
I hope you are enjoying yourself, wherever you are.
Sweet dreams.


  1. Hi Debbie! I really love your positive outlook and appreciation for all the loveliness in your life!

    I'm glad you helped lift my spirits!!

    Have a praise-filled Sunday!

  2. The sunshine at the end of a cloudy day is always a reminder of God watching over us and knowing exactly what we need when we need it. :) What a pretty view you have out your windows....Sure makes me miss my windowboxes, too. I do believe it's time to invest in some!

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  3. Hi Friend,
    So glad to have found your lovely blog! I look forward to following all of life's adventure's with you.

  4. I am so enjoying reading your posts about your lake house. It seems so peaceful and relaxing! Thanks for commenting on my strawberry jam post. Granny's ARE special....but then again, so are those horses that hold onto our hearts, too! :)