Monday, June 28, 2010

From trash to treasures

Good Monday morning everyone~~~after a weekend of storms here in Michigan, it's cleared up and looking great this morning.

It's trash pick up day....and I thought I'd share some things that have been saved from the trash heap.

These old half posts I found in a barn down in Indiana. They are standing all over the place here at the lakehouse.

Everyone knows about window sashes....they are like "gold" when you use them to decorate with.

Weathered wood can be used in several this frame.
I love old shutters...especially the ones that are aged with a beautiful patina.

Vintage ceiling tiles are one of my favorites to use in my house. LOVE the chippy paint on this one.
And old frames are a must around here!

Great old pieces from Victorian porches make wonderful points of interest.

My daughter removed lots of pieces from her house to update...and I scooped them up to use in my home.

Don't you love the detail in this tile? It's one of my very favorite treasures!!

Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, and I went to a HUGE antique/flea market this weekend...and we found these awesome industrial baskets. You really need to visit Laurie and see all of her beautiful finds, and what she's done with them.

The wicker headboard makes a nice backdrop for my furniture on the sun porch.

Using vintage pieces adds interest and character to your home. It's not for everyone...but here at the lakehouse, it's a passion of mine.

You know what they say about "one man's trash".........

Enjoy your day.





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  2. Hi Debbie....what a great industrial basket...I could use a ton of those around the house...I always love seeing all your beautiful white things...I am so far from white it isn't funny...think the Adirondacks...Hope you have a great week and that it isn't as hot up by you as it is here down in Atlanta....I am not looking forward to August!! Sue.

  3. Oh my gosh! Your sun porch is just stunning! Looks like something out of Romantic Homes magazine! I also really love the wire basket. That is a great find! And of course I love the shutters & window. I am keeping my eye out for shutters for our house, too! Thankfully all is clear here weather wise too. We've been having lots of wild storms here, including tornadoes. (luckily none right by us!). Have a great week!

  4. You have such a beautiful way of putting fabrics together, Debbie. Your porch looks so cozy. Can I spend the weekend there? I'll just curl up on the settee and you'll never know I'm there... lol!

    I'm keeping everyone in suspense til I post pics of my new treasures! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

    PS Thanks for the sweet shout-out, too, sis! :)

  5. Oh my...I love your sun porch!! I love your trash to treasure items. I have several old white windows that a family member gave me and I also have an old shutter. So glad that others think their trash...more treasures for us!! We had nasty storms last night here in Ohio.

  6. I always love white on white. That table is perfect for there.