Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm pooped

Good Friday to you~~~~It's been a long day for me. I had to drive my granddaughters back down state(which is a three hour tour) today. I feel a little jet lagged. After returning home, I took a stroll around the house to make sure the girls didn't forget anything. I noticed the window boxes are filling in nicely. Compared to the first pics I shared on here, the boxes are really looking good. As is the clematis growing on the porch rail.

The flowers on the water side of the house have brighter you can see. I enjoy red geraniums, and can't have boxes without them included. The boaters going by always notice the red flowers. All three of the windows have similar arrangements in them...yet aren't exactly the same.

I have a lot of work to do, getting the lakehouse ship shape again. I can't believe how active three little girls can be. Even so....I loved every minute of their visit.
Now for a nap.....


  1. Hi Sweet Debbie,
    Your window boxes look so lovely!!
    I hope you leave a link to them in my comment box on my post today.
    I hope you get some rest!!

  2. Hi Debbie
    your flower boxes are so pretty! the pink & purple one is my very favorite! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for following, too! Wow, an entire month in France! That would be wonderful!

  3. Debbie,
    Your flower boxes are so pretty!! I have some clematis growing up a metal arch in my back yard, but it has never grown any fuller after several years and I can't figure out why. Yours looks wonderful growing on the porch rail.
    Hope you get some rest and have a great weekend.

  4. Your boxes are so lovely, mine are not there yet. :)
    LOVE red geraniums... every box around my porch & every planter has some red geraniums..
    (Makes me feel a little like I am on Mackinac :)

  5. Those down state drives are long ones...
    Have a good nap!
    Lovin the colors in your pretty flowerboxes...
    I don't have window flowerboxes at this house, sorta miss them!
    I'll just enjoy yours!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

    Happy weekend!...a warm one!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    What a lovely blog you have! I want to thank you for visiting mine today and leaving such a nice comment.
    I love your window boxes, they are lovely.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with your precious granddaughters.

    I'll be back to visit you soon.


  7. I absolutely adore your window boxes! The clematis is gorgeous too.

  8. Your windowboxes filled in so nicely, Debbie! Just beautiful! Where would our life be without flowers to fill it.....? :)

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  9. Words can not express how Beautiful your pictures are.
    You are a Very gifted lady!
    I shared your link on my FB (I hope you do not mind).