Monday, November 1, 2010

Labors of love

It's Monday here at the lakehouse.
I've been wandering around the house, looking for something to pretty up.
Since Hubby is camping in the woods, it gives me time to putz around without any interruptions.
 I collect vintage table clothes and runners, AND napkins, doilies, towels, pillow slips, etc. I love to use them in every room of the house.  I even use the smaller table linens to dress the windows. It seems such a shame to fold them, then put them away in a cupboard where they can't be enjoyed.
 I LOVE all the details in linen pieces! It amazes me that someone took the time to make such beautiful works...a labor of love.
I used to steam press all of my linens...but lately, I like the wrinkly look of them fresh off the line.

 I understand this look isn't for everyone...especially husbands!  whatever.....I love it!!!!  It adds to the shabby look I crave. 

 I cannot imagine the time it took someone to make these pieces. I wander through the lakehouse today...I will be appreciating the hands that put together all of the lovely linens I love so much.
Enjoy something pretty today.


  1. Debbie, what exquisite pieces of handiwork!! They look marvelous!

  2. I love to putz too, in fact that's what I've been doing...trying to find a place for the bench I just redid:) Those linens you collect are just beautiful wish I had the type of windows I could do that to:)
    Have a great time!


  3. Linens are one of my favorite things and one of the things I love doing to take something someone else thought was hopeless and run it through a cycle of soap and bleach to find a wonderful piece again. I used to iron and starch everything, but now and then I like the crinkle look, too.
    Love your puttering! Keep it going...

  4. I love linen, Debbie. Especially the pretty handmade ones you have. I am thinking of doing linen in my family room...I spotted some in Country Curtains that I like, very plain and simple.

    Your hubby sounds just like mine! He goes nuts if I don't have black out shades...just kidding!

    Have a great day! :-)


  5. I also collect linens. Yours are beautiful and I love the ways you've used them. Really pretty!

  6. I completely agree that handmade vintage linens are amazing. I love to look at them and use them and sometimes iron them. ♥O

  7. Those linens are wonderful. I wouldn't even begin to know how to make them by hand, but I can imagine it takes a long long time.

  8. Hi Debbie
    I love your vintage linens! You have inspired me to get a bunch out of storage to use and enjoy! Sounds like you are having fun this week on your own, sounds blissful to me! I love my hubs, too, but I can get so much more accomplished when he's away! Have a great week!

  9. Debbie - Well, you know I love your linens. I love that they are all mis-matched and yet blend together. The net-work in that first one is incredible. AND-isn't it kind of fun to have the guys gone for a couple of days to just do what you want? It seems MyHero is always gone on the days I am working so I don't get to "play house" like I sometimes want to. I have always thought those tablecloths and runners, etc. were kind of romantic. I love to hang my own out on the clothes line and dry them in the sun...and Oh! The smell coming off the line. I still press them..usually...and I press my pillowcases too. I use that Fresh scent linen spray that was sold in KMart for several years (with Martha Stewart stuff) it is almost gone and they don't carry it anymore...nor can I find it online. However, I did find one I like almost as well-Caldrea Linen Spray. I just kind of like the feel of a lightly starched pillowcase. (My granddaugthers are amazed that I IRON at all);>)
    Okay...guess I am writing a book Good night, sweet Debbie! xxoo Diana

  10. You have the most awesome linen collection, Debbie. Soooo pretty. You really have the eye for exquisite work. Love seeing them hanging with the sun shining through them. Have fun playing house, sis! I've gotta wait a couple weeks to do that..... :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Hi Debbie, Oh I love ÿour linens, I love days to putter around:-)) I am a mixed bag on pressing, I love to iron and use starch and lavender linen spray on a cold night, but that rumpled look is so romantic:-)))
    Thanks for sharing your lovelies:-)

  12. It's hard to imagine all the time that went into these beautiful pieces of work-something that would rarely get done in today's world! Love it in the window!