Sunday, April 14, 2013

The sun porch.

There is STILL snow on the ground here at the Lakehouse, and ice on the canals...but I am determined that Spring will be here eventually.
So, today I worked on the sun porch.

Since the house is on the market, I wanted to make it look as inviting as possible.
A bottle of wine with two glasses would definitely say sit down, and relax to me!

Look at the snow!!! Ugh!!

I'm hoping the next time we have a showing, the grass will be showing, and the waves will be rippling across the water, and the gulls will be calling.

If we don't have a showing soon, Mr. L and I might just open that bottle of wine, and enjoy the sun porch ourselves.
Uh huh....sounds good to me!
Have a happy week everyone!


  1. Looks great! Hopefully it will warm up soon... it has to, right?:@)

  2. Hi Debbie ~ The sun porch looks so inviting, I say open that bottle & enjoy, just stick a bottle of wine on the grocery list.... still cold & gloomy here, but hoping for some warmth & sunshine.

  3. Oh, this looks so pretty, Debbie! I'm sure anyone could imagine how peaceful it would be to sit out here and enjoy the view once the weather changes. Very inviting, I wish I lived closer, we could sit down and make a toast!


  4. It looks beautiful but what's with the snow!!! :) I think I am going to nick name you "Miss Ruffles"! I LOVE your header and now every time I see any kind of ruffles I think of you!

  5. What a delicious spot you've created! LOVE it!! I can't believe your beautiful home hasn't been snatched up by the first buyer ... but, I'm betting the right one will come along and give you top dollar soon!


  6. Beeeeautiful, Debbie! It does look cozy and inviting...despite that nasty snow...which kinda goes with your "white" theme, though...right? lol! Hoping that the sun will shine sometime for you this week, sis!

    Love and hugs! xoxo laurie

  7. Debbie, that looks so inviting to me...even with snow on the ground! I would enjoy the scene no matter what it looked like. Such gorgeous linens!

  8. Oh Debbie, what a gorgeous and romantic little space you've created! I'd be more than happy to cozy up in that chair, with a glass of wine and even with the snow:) Lovely!

  9. Still snow? You must be so ready for spring. I was thinking about you yesterday. Chablis and I are painting her bedroom at the lakehouse and I was telling her how beautifully you have your place decorated. :-)

    We wore shorts for the first time yesterday. I'll send some warmth up to you!

  10. What a beautiful and romantic spot you have created, Debbie! I vote for opening that bottle of wine and enjoying it now:) Hard to believe you still have the white stuff on the ground. It finally warmed up here today to nearly 70, it was so nice. Hugs and best of luck with lots of viewing!

  11. Ohhh yeahhhh... that's definitely inviting as anything. I would buy the house just for the porch!


  12. Hi Debbie!
    LOVE how you've styled the porch...looks so welcoming!
    Perfect picture for your header!
    Have a great day!!