Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring cleaning, and giant dust balls.

I've been in one of those spring cleaning modes.
The kind where you move furniture around.
You pull furniture away from the walls, and you see things you wish you didn't know were "back there".

Like dust balls as big as tumbleweeds.
God could make a village out of all the dust underneath just one cupboard in my dining room.

How often do I clean the floors?  you ask?
Well...obviously NOT often enough, underneath this big, heavy farm cupboard!!!!!

I push the dust mop under there, but evidently the dust ball moves itself to the back wall.
I am NOT kidding! This thing was huge!
You know, at night, when you think you see something out of the corner of your eye? scooting across the floor?  I bet it was that big ball of dust!!!!!
It was probably rolling around the dining room floor, collecting more particles...trying to make itself bigger.
It was just waiting for the right moment when it could make it's escape out the back door.
But I fooled it. I decided to move the cupboard, and I found it....spoiling it's plan!!!!! HA!
Now if I could just find all of those socks that seem to get out of the dryer~~~~~~


  1. That old dust ball probably ate the socks. That's why it was so big! LOL
    We have been in the cleaning mode, too. Wish dust balls were all we found this week. There was a cracker and easter egg under the recliner, cat toys behind the sofa and a couple of socks, and then we found a pile of baby poo. Someone must have gotten lost on the way to the potty box. Bebe has a stash of socks under my bed, so we need to do that soon. Not looking forward to it, but we might find enough socks to make it through the summer on.

  2. It must be the spring weather - we've been cleaning and painting at our lake house all week.

    Your blog is one of my absolute favorites for decorating ideas - I pour over your photos. I wish I had your decorating touch.

  3. hee,'re making me giggle out loud! I'm having a new air-conditioning system put in today and they're vacuuming the vents. My dust balls will be bigger than yours!!!!

  4. What is the deal on those big dustballs!!!?? I find them too, and i'm like what the heck! Where do they come from, and what are they made of. We don't have any big hairy sheep in our house! Glad you foiled it's evil plan!


  5. Debbie, Debbie, Debbie~ We ALL know that the dryers eat socks! Now if we could only train them to eat dustballs we'd be all set! Great pictures! xo Diana

    1. Really, Diana...than what are all of those odd socks doing out on my lawn? After all the snow melted, I found a bunch of them out there. I thought they were the ones that escaped out the dryer vent, and got caught in a snow storm this past winter.....hmmmm?

  6. least you're not finding an old pair of your hubby's undies under there.....just sayin'..... lolol!


  7. LOL, Debbie! I have 6 socks without mates on top of my dryer. One was divorced because his mate got too HOLY for him after I baptized her with Clorox. She is in Sock Heaven...but the other 5 have lost their sole mates and I have no idea where they went.

    BTW-Your new profile pictures is wonderful! I LOVE your hair. You better not be looking too good or you will have some blond turning green with envy...uh-huh! Have a good night, chicky! xo Diana

  8. I've been finding dust balls at my house too. Where the heck do they all come from? And where in the world do all those socks go that disappear in the dryer?

  9. Hi Debbie, sounds like your dust ball is on steroids ~ I have a Dust web that seems to have just appeared in the corner of the ceiling here above the computer, I don't remember seeing it yesterday, but then again, I may not have had my glasses on..... Spring, Sprung and then it hopped on out of here ~ Cold, gloomy & that wet stuff coming down, I think I may have to plug in my Presto Heat Dish today.... Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. So funny, Debbie! Makes me think of those commercials where the old mop and broom are attracted to each other! Love your pretty cabinet and all of your treasures tucked inside.

  11. This post had me laughing! I thought that I was the only one with those huge dust balls. I call the ones on my ceiling fans dust bunnies. Speaking of which...I better get them clean now while I'm thinking about it. I always forget the fans. :) Your lake house is so beautiful.

    Lee Laurie