Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Roses, and smiles.

It's Wednesday evening here at the Lakehouse.
I'm waiting for Spring to arrive.

It's still below freezing at night, and we wake up to a dusting of snow in the morning.

I am so anxious to get outside, and dig in the dirt.
I miss my roses, and all of the other flowers in the gardens.

The water in the canals is so high, it's ready to come over the sea walls.
I guess we won't be complaining about low water levels this summer.

Until the warm weather finally arrives, I'll be going to the market to pick up more roses for the house.
I'm so happy I can have flowers in the house!
Even if they don't come from my gardens.
What would we do without fresh flowers?
I hope it's warm where you are!
Buy yourself some flowers today....just because. I'm sure it will make you smile.


  1. Great idea to buy ourselves big bouquets, Debbie! Your roses are gorgeous, and your home looks so inviting and pretty. Our lake is up alot too, which is a good thing. It was lower than we ever had seen it last year. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for your note yesterday Debbie - it was much appreciated. It's been a hectic couple of days and I've let my temper get the better of me. Your blog and flowers always makes me smile. xo

  3. Debbie- What a beautiful, beautiful post. I just love how your flowers look and your photographs are wonderful. We could still use a little extra water here on the bay- xo Diana

  4. Hi Debbie....hang in there lady....Spring is on the way!! I spent the other day planting with the granddaughter....I got 3 of about 30 planted when she took a hike....came back just for a photo op......made it look like she did all the planting the rotten kid......just kidding...she is here just for a week and I am going to miss her something awful when she leaves on grandmother kidnapping a crime??

  5. Hi Debbie are so right about fresh flowers in the house ..its so nice and uplifting to have a bunch or two here and there. It's still really cold over here ..the sun is shining but the the breeze is freezing...come on Spring where are you ?? have a nice weekend ..Gail x

  6. Fresh flowers in the house...yes, I agree about the uplifting effect they have. It's time for us to pack up our indoor plants and give them away to neighbors before going north for the summer.

  7. I actually cut some from the side of the house today and they just make me smile! Yours are gorgeous Debbie...just like your header that makes me swoon every time I visit!

  8. I never go a week without them, sis!!! :) The sad thing is, I get so frustrated when they don't have any blush pinks in the selection!!! lol I go to another store in hopes of finding some there. Oh boy..... lol

    I hope that you had some warmer weather this weekend up there! I've been mulching mulching mulching the past 2 days. Going rose bush shopping on Monday. Yay!

    xoxo laurie