Friday, January 30, 2015

Linen, and lace.

Good sunny Friday afternoon!
No work today. I'm back on my three day schedule at the pharmacy. I LOVE that!
Being 61 years old, and my husband being semi-retired..... having a part-time job is so nice.
I started babysitting full-time at age 13, and have worked most of my life.
It's nice to have "this time" in my life when I don't have to work a 40 hour work week, and can finally enjoy weekends with my family.
I still like having a job for "spending money", and being able to get out of the house a couple of days a week...and am blessed to have that where I work.
I don't know what I would do without the girls I work with.
They are so good to me.
On this sunny day, I was putting together this corner of the dining room that always seems to give me fits.
I recently bought this vintage iron crib from my friend that owned the shop where my booth was located.
I've wanted to use it as a love seat, IF Sandy were ever to sell the piece.

The pretty quilt and pillows that Kim made for me..... using vintage linens, lace, and doilies look wonderful on the crib.
I just bought the middle pillow that she made for her booth. I keep checking for more each time I visit.

I just can't seem to get enough vintage linen, and antique lace!

There are several pieces neatly folded, and stacked in my old farm cupboards.
But...why have them if you are going to keep them packed away?
I love to see vintage pieces draped everywhere!
Just think of the time, and talent each piece represents.

 There is so much detail, and love that went into these treasures.

Using scraps for sachets is a great way to pass on the love.......

I suppose I should get back to working on that corner of the dining room that gives me trouble.
I hope you have sunshine headed your way this weekend.


  1. Hi Debbie, I think some snow is coming through here. I love the crib and all those gorgeous pillows. I agree about the old laces and linens. So much love went into making them. I have some embroidery that Ted's mother did. She was a great person with needle work. Years ago , that was a woman's joy making things for her family and others. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Blessings, much love, Susie

  2. Dear sweet Debbie, does this mean you are feeling better? I so hope it does. Now gotta tell you your gorgeous photography always lifts my spirits and transports me into a peaceful place filled with love and self expression.
    Hope your sun warms and kisses your cheeks as we have another warning of much snow headed our way. YIKES please let lovely sweet spring flowers poke through the ground and renew another beautiful Spring.

  3. You have repurposed the crib with a nice vintage look. Be still my heart, look at the big basket of lavender! :-)

  4. It's so gorgeous! What a beautiful way to reuse it.

  5. I love linens, lace and ribbons. Your pillows are gorgeous. I don't seem to be able to find nice vintage pieces around these parts! The vintage crib/loveseat is gorgeous! I may not have sunshine heading my way this weekend but we can Always find beauty and joy in our days no matter what the weather does. Have a blessed weekend, Cindy xoxo

  6. Those pillows are simply gorgeous!! Have a nice weekend sweetie. xo

  7. Love old lace and vintage pieces too. Your pillows are so so pretty. Love that vintage crib as a loveseat. How sweet is that. We are going to get hit with a lot of snow tomorrow night into Sunday up to 14 inches possible. Yikes! Hope you stay warm and cozy.

  8. So very beautiful! Vintage linens are something I would love to have more of in our tiny cottage.
    Have a lovely weekend, Debbie!

  9. I love vintage lace and pieces too!!! Just gorgeous everything.The pillows! They are such beautiful.

  10. I love that old crib used as a daybed. The vintage linens and pillows look beautiful on it.

  11. To see the layers of your vintage gatherings invites a cozy warthm in our hearts. It feels like a cozy cabin B&B, a place you want to curl up in and read a great book.

    Love your imagination Debbie.

    Hope prayers have been answered for you, and days ahead are brighter.
    I suffered all of Christmas and New Years with an emergency visit to the hospital with a dianoises of Pneumonia, and a fractured rib from that horrific caugh, it was not a pleasing holiday or new year for me, but I am feeling more like myself and you will to.

    Take care bundle up, sip calming teas while being proud of the beauty that is bestowed upon you.


  12. Dear Debbie, I adore your decor and the crib is gorgeous.Your photos are always such an inspiration. What a talent you are for display. I adore your old crib as a loveseat and the way you have designed and displayed the vintage lace and pillows is beautiful Glad you enjoy your job and on a 3 day schedule. What a gift to be home while still doing what you love and with people that are special.

    Stay warm and safe inside styling your home. Happy February.
    Hugs and Blessings

  13. Oh my goodness...those pillows!!! Wow, just WOW! They are absolutely gorgeous! Your home is so cozy and lovey:) Embrace all that cold weather because, believe it or not, I wish we had some:( The constant heat can get old!

  14. You always decorate so beautifully, Debbie! You have a real gift for all things beautiful. Glad you have a part-time job you like.

  15. OMG Debbie, I'm drooling all over my keyboard over those pillows and quilt on the darling crib!!!!!! WOWZA! You have such a gift my dear---such a gift!!!
    much love....