Monday, February 2, 2015

Some inspiration, and Valentine Decor.

My chalkboard might not be as cool as the others you see here in blogland, but I have fun using mine for each holiday, and new season that comes along.
I've seen some awesome artwork on some!!!
This is what you get with a "simple" person...if you catch my drift.

One of my favorite bloggers is Kris, from Junk Chic Cottage.
She inspires me every time I visit her blog!
Kris is one of the nicest people I've met here in blogland, also.
Her style is "one of a kind".
Recently she shared her little angel sitting in a chair holding a Valentine pillow.
I've been thinking about this rabbit I made a few years ago.
She was done all "country", and I wanted to do her a little more "vintage".
Seeing Kris's angel finally got me off my bum, and I got to work on my rabbit that's been stuffed away in a closet for so long.

I removed all the country clothes, and made some things from the collection of vintage doilies, and lace I have here at Lakehouse.
I even added some wings!

She looks kind of cute in her little babushka, and vintage brooch.

I don't usually decorate a lot for Valentine's Day....but I do like using the chalkboard to greet visitors as they come in.

I saved some vintage cards I gave my girls when they were young, too.
They decorate my farm cupboard every year.

I hope February brings joy to your home, and your heart!
Have a wonderful week.


  1. Your bunny is adorable ! I too love to decorate a little with each new celebration...the chalkboard is a great way to greet people...have a nice week !
    Gail x

  2. Your bunny is adorable ! I too love to decorate a little with each new celebration...the chalkboard is a great way to greet people...have a nice week !
    Gail x

  3. Your angel bunny put a smile on my face--a neat creation! Love the vintage valentines!

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Oh I love your angel bunny. She is adorable. You crack me up with her wearing a Babushka!!!! Lol! I have not heard that word since my grandmother passed. Too fun.
    Love your chalk board for Valentine's Day. Have a great week my friend.

  5. Debbie, I love that cute. Your chalkboard is very nice. I have been wanting to make some of those with my daughter....she likes crafting too. Your vintage valentines are adorable. Wish the card companies would make them like that again. We did not get as much snow as forecasted, hope you didn't either. Blessings to you dear friend. Love you, Susie

  6. How could you put that beautiful little bunny away in a CLOSET?? Debbie, I'm ashamed of you. LOL... xo As soon as you said you were going to change her outfit, I knew you'd do it with lace and she looks adorable.

  7. Your bunny is just adorable, Debbie! The lace is gorgeous, and her babushka is so cute! I too had stuffed country bunnies way back when they were in. Yours is so much cuter! Love your chalkboard, too! Did you get alot of snow? We pulled out in our motor home just in time, as now there is way over a foot back home. We made it to Savannah today, such a nice break from winter. Big hugs:)

  8. Debbie,
    I have a weakness for bunnies and yours is an absolute sweetheart of a bunny and rocking the vintage lace you dressed her in. Bunny rocks her bracelet! Really pretty collection of vintage cards and what's endearing is that they were for your daughters.
    Blackboards done with real chalk (not the markers) like yours are always a charming way to greet guests. Your home is inviting and pretty.

  9. I love the vintage Valentines and the bunny is quite adorable for sure. Hope your February is a joyful one too.

  10. Your bunny is really adorable! Such beautiful dress made with vintage laces.I love the vintage S.Valentine's cards too, they are such gorgeous and very romantic perfect to decor with heart.

  11. I think your chalkboard is perfect and your little bunny is just too cute! I don't decorate much for Valentine's Day either, I do have some vintage cards that I put out but that's pretty much it. I always did a lot for the boys when they were little but they've long since grown out of that stage! That's so nice that you still have the cards you gave to your kids:) Have a lovely week!

  12. Hi Debbie, Your bunny is too sweet and I love the lace accents in place of the muslin dresses from the past. I had so many bunnies and sold them all overt the years. Wish I kept just one to redo with lace like you are sharing here. I may have to get busy and create another.
    The vintage cards are too sweet and all the pretty touches for Valentines is so inspiring. I don't do much either, but like a few things around.
    Have a blessed week.

  13. Hello Dear Friend,
    I do like the chalkboard very much! I just painted one myself today and added a vintage metal flower on top and it looks perfect! And for Bunnies, I love them...
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Praying everyday...
    Hugs, Roxy

  14. YOU inspire ME every tome I visit.
    I love your sweet little bunny dressed up in beautiful lace. She is darling!

    What is weird is that yesterday you came into my mind and I thought, I haven't visited Debbie for so long and then when I went to bed with my notebook I was checking my e-mails and there was your comment.
    sending love...

  15. Love is in the air at the Lakehouse...looks so pretty!