Sunday, January 4, 2015

Things I like.

Winter has returned to Northern-Lower Michigan!
We went from no snow at all, to feets of snow all in one night!
Yay for the outdoor sportsmen, and ski hill mongers!
Happiness has returned to our land.
Merchants can enjoy that wonderful sound of cash registers ringing in the new year!
It's delightful if you like snow, and all it brings with it.

Myself...I like what the UPS driver, Ed, brings.
Aren't these just the cutest shakers ever?!

I also like gifts.....these little birds keep flitting from place to place in the dining room.
(kind of like that crazy elf on a shelf guy I saw on FB)
He really creeped my out!!!  Reminded me of a clown....and I HATE clowns!
I don't know what it is about them...but I really, really don't like them at all!!!
Thinking about a little elf running around the house at night made me think of "Chuckie" the doll. Talk about creepy!!!

I love this birthday gift from a very special friend at work...Diane.
She makes me laugh at myself, and lots of stuff that we really shouldn't laugh about.
Diane is one of those people that you wish you would have know in high school....but if you probably would have ended up in juvenile home.
If I'd known Diane in my younger years, after high school, we would probably have been sentenced to picking up trash along the highway.
I just love her.
We laugh, and we talk, and we sometimes cry at ourselves.
I can tell her anything....things I shouldn't have. Now I have to keep her as my friend just to make sure she keeps her mouth shut!
We're not pitiful...honest...we are just two souls, walking this journey together, having fun as we go.

I like "down time".
This time of year is good for doing those little projects you wouldn't do in the warmer months.
Painting, re-doing a room, etc.
I also love to curl up by the fire, and read a good book.
What I SHOULD be doing is going for a walk...a long walk. A walk to burn off all these extra calories from the holidays!
I have an elliptical machine....hahaha....I can't even spell it, let alone use it!!!
I don't make New Year's resolutions, because I never keep them.
I can't even make the 40 day Lent thing!!
So....instead of exercising, I'll be front of the computer. My fat bum on this chair, typing posts on my blog....doing what I like.
What about you?


  1. Hi Debbie, I love all your pictures. We are to get some snow soon...I could live without it now...that's how I know I am old. I almost hate's pretty to look at, hides peoples piles of junk in the yards or by their garages,LOL. I am a sunshine person. I said today, I understand why people move to Florida and Arizona. Top be in the sun. LOL. I am suppose to study more this year....things I don't know or understand...which isn't so very much. Hahaha. I am to look up more things on line. and I really want to understand my camera more. But hey here I sit reading and commenting, like the intelligent girl that I am. Oh I have to quit, I am making myself laugh. Take care and I hope the ups dude keeps bringing pretty things your way. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Your description of your friend makes me love her too....lolol....
    I'm waiting for a book in the mail. I realize I do need to read again, curling up and mind travelling, just doing that beautiful no thing, is lovely.

  3. Diane sounds like the kind of friend to have! The salt and pepper shakers are lovely!

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I love your honesty and I think you have the right idea about how to spend the cold, wintery days. Isn't it wonderful to have a friend that you can share so much with. My Sister is my best friend and you two sound like us. I also share your thoughts on clowns. I think they are creepy too! LOL!

    I should be out exercising too but I'm too lazy! Keep warm by the fire.


  5. Happy New Year Debbie. I think it is so fun and wonderful you have that great friend to share so much with. It is amazing when we meet someone that will stay in our journey with us as a great friend. So happy you two souls found each other. Loved all your pretty pics and good thoughts on the winter. We are getting a winter snow fall today. Really the first real snow of the winter for us here outside of Chicago. Can't complain last year at this time we had 40+ inches already. So I am thankful for the mild December and I guess just preparing for the new few snowy and cold months ahead.
    Happy New Year.

  6. Those little snowmen are darling! What a lovely gift from your friend also:) I don't care for clowns either, I blame it on the Stephen King movie "IT"...terrifying! Your new shakers are gorgeous! Love the colors and the French writing:) I could very easily become a s/p shaker hoarder but I hold myself back because we don't have the space.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Being private, I don't get that many visitors so those who do take the time really warm my heart:) Enjoy all that chilly weather...I'm quite tired of the constant warm we have here and am hoping for a "cold snap" or some rain!!! I'll trade you some warm for some of your cold:)

  7. Like you I like to think winter is the time to do somethings we would do when the weather is nice out. I have plans but we'll see what comes...I don't get much exercise at all but do like to eat and winter time comfort food will be a part of my days for a few months yet. Enjoy the winter days doing what you like !

  8. Debbie,
    This comment will probably be shorter than most and certainly less composed! I love this post and thank you for giving me something fun to read and totally nod at in agreement. Creepy "Chucky" the doll, yup got Ya, Yup agree. As always your photos are lovely of beauty in your gorgeous lake house. John and I have a small group of friends that getting together with as adults make you feel totally young and adventurous devilish that can make you laugh your sides out and know when you wake up with sides hurting from laughing you realize thank goodness you have friends like that and second thank goodness you are an adult who probably like you said would of wound up picking up trash along the highway too,
    2015 has been filled with sick days, Dec. 27th I developed flu, New Year's Eve turned into Bronchitis so Debbie even though I'm coughing like a seal ... The laughter and enjoyment in this post meant so very much.

  9. Very pretty photos. Happy New Year! A good friend is one of the sweet parts of life.We got a pile of snow yesterday and then the freezing rain moved in. We now have very wet heavy snow and some ice.

  10. I love everything, especially the two snowmen. I adore snow and winter! I think it' s so beautiful to have a best friend like your.

  11. Winter is back here too, Debbie! Though we don't have nearly as much snow as you thankfully! Your friend sounds like so much fun! We all need people like that in our lives, who make us laugh:) Your salt & pepper shakers are tres chic. Gotta love the UPS guy!!

  12. I love this light-hearted post. You made me smile. I've seen that FB Elf thing...very creepy, and don't get me started on clowns!

    Your gift from your friend is so sweet. It must be nice to have a friend like that at work, it makes the day much easier. I had good friends come and go when I worked in an office for 8 years before I got married. When one of them would move on, we'd promise to stay in touch but it never happened. Adult friendships mean so much more to me now, I treasure women friends for how far they've come and how we can admire, not mimic each other.

    We had some snow, not as much as you, and I hear we will be very cold tomorrow. Well, already...7 degrees. I have a crazy week getting ready for my DIL's shower Saturday. We are having fun so far, we'll see how it if when we get down to the crunch! lol!

    Stay warm, sweetie!

    Jane x

  13. Hi Debbie, you always make me smile. Love this post and the things you love!! Darling treasures and your good friend sounds like she is a blessing.
    I am so grateful for my friendships like this too and one so close we call ourselves sisters.
    Enjoy the snow!! We have some of the cold here too but none of the white stuff. My family in Gladwin, Michigan got 10 inches. They sent pics and it was gorgeous.

    Stay warm and enjoy the fire and your knitting. It looks so nice. I'm working on a white with silver thread crocheted throw. It's about 3/4 finished.

    Happy New Year my friend.

  14. Happy New Year! I am sitting here, too, not doing a thing. Best time of the day for me. Love the shakers and birds and glad you have a friend like that. Have a fun day in front of the fire.

  15. I'm so not a winter girl Debbie so I'll be doing the same as you! We have a few winter projects planned with another surprise one as Jaclyn is moving out to her first apartment in a few weeks! The ideas for her room are swirling in my head, thank goodness for Pinterest!