Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Fall Mantel.

I brought in some things from the garden to decorate the mantel.
Gorgeous roses, and porcelain berries.

I might have waited a bit too long to bring in the berries.
The birds got to them before I did.

Who could resist these beautiful colors?
I love the blues, purples, and greens.

Maybe not your traditional fall colors....but combined with the dried roses, and hydrangea....the late blooming roses, and berries speak to my heart.

My fall mantel....steeped high in seasonal berries, dried flowers, and late season roses.
Happy Saturday to you!


  1. Ohhhh Debbie sooo pretty. Swooning over your mantel. Lovely.
    Have a great week end.

  2. oh god, those roses make me just want to feint! I adore vines with berries! it looks beautiful, magical, heavenly, I'm going to copy! :D:D:D

  3. Adds a divine touch to it all. Greetings!

  4. Debbie, I think it just looks so romantic. I love it. I do not know the name of the berries...but they are so pretty on the mantle with your roses fresh and dried. Blessings for a great evening and a bit warmer Sunday. :):) It's cold here today. Love you dear friend, Susie

  5. Wow, those berries are incredible! They don't even look real!!! I love your mantel, definitely on my wish list. A few months ago, right after I got my car, someone had dumped the most beautiful mantel on their curb. I knew I wouldn't be able to lift it or fit it in my car so when Kyran got home, we headed to the house and there was a car coming in the opposite direction, they pulled in literally seconds before us and got the mantel...I was soooo sad:( Did you make yours or buy it?

    Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday in your beautiful cottage:)

  6. Oh so pretty Debbie. I think color choices throughout our homes should resonate in our heart and make us feel happy and blessed. All color's have a song to sing and your's are feminine and pretty. I love your berries, they look gorgeous up on your mantel. Debbie will it dry and be able to be preserved? I also see while they are fresh if they will dry being entwined in a grape vine wreath. I love mantels, I have only one which my son created for me out of salvaged antique molding, door trim, mirror top and short columns. He gifted it to me primed and I love to adorn it seasonally. I love your fall mantel display.
    Be well and be happy my friend.
    Sending love,

  7. Just GORGEOUS, Debbie! What ARE those beautiful blue berries? I think I need some of those! It is looking Fall-ish and lovely at your cottage! xo Diana

  8. Hi Debbie
    What a gorgeous Fall Mantel. Your flowers and those berries are just breathtaking. Love that blue jar. I love turquoise jars and have some also. I think using the colors you love on your mantel make it so much more special. I certainly don't use the traditional fall colors either. Some places in my home I do but not all. Enjoy this beautiful Fall Weekend Debbie

  9. You are so lucky to still have roses blooming, Debbie! Love those berries, they don't even look real. What a pretty mantle scape!

  10. I Love your non-traditional fall mantel! I've never heard of porcelain berries, need to go do a bit of google time! You definitely have an artistic and gentle decor style! Many Blessings, Cindy

  11. I love your blog!
    Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  12. You do have a wonderful knack for putting things together. The dried flowers are beautiful and you do make good use of them. There are still a few tiny buds on my rose bush and I'm wondering for how long now. They keep on trying till the frost hits them. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

  13. My kind of fall, who said fall has to be restricted to browns, oranges and reds?
    Your fall is welcoming the season of heirloom, dried and fresh a perfect blend for a cottage as yours.

    Love the mantel, I so need to find one for my entry.
    See you soon,
    Keep inspiring the seasons to come.


  14. Hi Debbie, your mantel is gorgeous. I love the roses and those berries are beautiful.
    Your home looks fall cozy and so pretty!! Always inspired by all you share.
    Blessings for a good week.Hugs,cm

  15. Your mantel is divine. Your touches are fairy and can make everything into something very special.

  16. Very pretty. I don't know anyone who has such a beautiful talent of putting things together to display. Have a great week my friend. xo

  17. oohh..I so love your mantel.It looks so romantic.I wanted one for such a long time...I think it´s time to get one ,lol.Have a great week.

  18. That is such a pretty mantel arrangement, Debbie. The jar colour is the perfect pop and compliments the berries. Thanks for your kind comment on my Saturday Spotlight feature at Junk Chic Cottage.
    Elizabeth (formerly Blue Clear Sky)

  19. Hello... Perfect and lovely! I am thinking that Romantic Magazine needs those photos.
    Blessings, Roxy