Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Larger Ribbon!!

By Job, I think I've got it!
I think I've figured out how to get a more dimensional look to the ribbon embroidery! 
Use larger ribbon!
I ordered 13mm to try, and what a difference it makes!

The buds, petals, stems and leaves stand up right off the fabric!
You notice all the detail on each piece so much more, too.

This piece was made with 4mm and 7mm ribbon.
Lots of detail, but it doesn't stand off the fabric as much.

These two pillows are an idea I came up with last week.
Since I do lavender sachets...why not do some with lavender designs?
Not much to look at....but a cute idea.
Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Debbie your talent with ribbon embroidery is amazing. It's a beautiful handcrafted art form and I'm so glad you have the patience and skill to bring it back into its expressive beautiful craft.

  2. Debbie, You are not giving yourself enough credit...those are awesome. I love the ribbon flowers. The big bouquet is gorgeous. Those would be keepsakes. Love, Susie

  3. Hi Debbie
    Oh your work is so breathtaking!!! I certainly wish I could do what you do with ribbon. Its amazing how the larger size makes those pretty flowers pop more. Love that sunflower so much* The pillows are fabulous also. You are really good at this!!!! have a great day Debbie. PS( thank you again my sweet friend:)

  4. Debbie they are so pretty. I could never make anything like that. You are truly gifted making these.

  5. My goodness, these are Gorgeous Debbie! And, to me, it doesn't matter what size ribbon you are using, they are ALL Gorgeous! You do beautiful work! Many blessings, Cindy

  6. Your work is just beautiful! I'm thinking it's an expression of the heart. Putting yourself into it as you create. Homemade and handmade are things we don't see much of these days. They are keepsakes for sure.

  7. They are absolutely beautiful! Truly works of art. I imagine you must have oodles of patience to work in such small detail...the result is definitely worth it tho:) Hope you're having a lovely week!

  8. Hi Debbie, love the larger ribbon for your stitch work. So pretty to see the details. Your work is beautiful. Such an inspiration to view the creations from your talented hands.
    Hugs, cm

  9. That is so intricate and pretty. Just gorgeous!

  10. Hi Debbie,
    Wow! Your ribbon work is jusy gorgeous! You are right, the wider ribbon really brings out all of the amazing details. I lve the all, but my very favorite is the pretty pastel one. Well done, my talented friend!

  11. It's just Beautiful. your work. Can't understand where you get the patience to make it all, lol.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Love Elzie

  12. Hello, I have never seen anything so lovely and unique... I wonder if I could do this?
    I may have to Google this to see if there is a technique to use.
    I think what you have created is amazing,,,
    Thank you for showing them!
    Thinking of you and pray often...
    Love, Roxy

  13. Just beautiful. You are so talented when it comes to making these pretty ribbon sachets.
    Great job Debbie.

  14. You are very talented! Your flowers made with ribbons are amazing. The two pillows are gorgeous.